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Real Permutating Engine

Author: Z0mbie


Uses permutation technique to decrease detection chances of viruses. The engine changes instruction codes using an instruction list of possible opcodes and opcodes details. The engine uses mutation (substitution, transposition and trash) to build the same (functionality wise) virus from changed instructions. To quantify different opcodes the LDE32 tool by the same author is used.

Author's Note:

"PERMUTATION -- changing viral code on the opcode-level. I.e. generating new virus copy from the previous one, but new copy will consist of different instructions. "

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rpme.zip45161RPME 1.00Jun 2000MD5 sum 97c731ce576635ac405d74ab71efb0ca
rpme120.zip49911RPME 1.20Jan 2001(Back to index)MD5 sum 00824778bfc8d7b74cad534e2b02c2dd

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