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Author: Cicatrix

MGL: Virus DATabase is not exactly a zine, but a virus knowledge base with tutorials, source codes, interviews, group information and other. VDAT has been for long time the standart reference base and the scene's Who's who. It was for long time free accessible for everyone, but now Cicatrix, the dude behind VDAT, has decided to change the policy. Starting with VDAT 2000.1 this unique piece of information is now just for the insiders - you need to have key, or you can access just a few areas. The reason why was obvious - too much negative reactions from certain assholes. Original VDAT's homepage no longer exists, however official VDAT distro site is now hosted on Most of the people respected the decision of making recent VDAT not publicly readable. Need to say this valuable piece of information was still accessible - with the release of new version, the keyfile for old version was released. But when the actual VDAT key leaked to public Cicatrix decited to discontinue VDAT updating it only for his own purposes.

VDAT 2000.2 online

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vdat-2000.2-html.zip97579332000.2 (html)Oct 2001MD5 sum 8e6b4cc6b1c675e0f03928c3770efdec
key20001.zip1009keyfile for v2000.1Oct 2001MD5 sum c2f79b8d7ba91e0155330f0303626728
key20002.zip1009keyfile for v2000.2Oct 2001MD5 sum 4d06b133992f6124ab46375d91947756
vdatptch.zip2128531patch 2000 -> 2000.1Oct 2001MD5 sum 8c6bb8a292cc1780e0918456ba636d24
ptch1-2.zip1925444patch 2000.1 -> 2000.2Oct 2001MD5 sum 8db9d0991e5819c38bf3d8669dd6985a
vdatw100.zip2662609VDAT 1.0 (Win)Mar 1997MD5 sum 57c0427450db63fba158718b1c48f5e8
vdat110.zip917518VDAT 1.1 (DOS)Sep 1995MD5 sum 476a594311e54a22ab271c7e2b100c40
vdatw110.zip3491705VDAT 1.1 (Win)Jun 1997MD5 sum 4f180069e37ad5f2746e80d98d4e4683
vdat120.zip971485VDAT 1.2 (DOS)Nov 1995MD5 sum 05e94a0dcb5895e3d85818f0012f5c1d
vdatw120.zip3843543VDAT 1.2 (Win)Sep 1997MD5 sum 0a41243a920f25b80eb8778882160160
vdat130.zip1084768VDAT 1.3 (DOS)Dec 1995MD5 sum 3557ee49223a610d360709e8a0042bca
vdatw130.zip4629999VDAT 1.3 (Win)Jan 1998MD5 sum daa2eb1f50b0db323738edbd34cbda04
vdat140.zip1223621VDAT 1.4 (DOS)Jan 1996MD5 sum 6984020f1b75265d7e48fa080b323dfb
vdatw140.zip5196355VDAT 1.4 (Win)Apr 1998MD5 sum 0fc77fa36a16156a2e9781f2dc8559f2
vdat150.zip1395779VDAT 1.5 (DOS)Mar 1996MD5 sum 69590da40831c964948f191f6a06a2c7
vdatw150.zip5396258VDAT 1.5 (Win)Jul 1998MD5 sum 2952a7ff254fa28e46bd7720f19dc37c
vdat160.zip1487632VDAT 1.6 (DOS)Jun 1996MD5 sum 9de0c56ebc2f8f8e182f0a115f73d21c
vdatw160.zip5933094VDAT 1.6 (Win)Oct 1998MD5 sum 6fa5a7e161ffb683ab0ad5c83a502d94
vdat170.zip1581872VDAT 1.7 (DOS)Sep 1996MD5 sum b18e0b60fb3dad478e3f8b8783e6af60
vdatw170.zip6600269VDAT 1.7 (Win)Jan 1999MD5 sum d01c33fe90ebef8f52eace1ef1d1a83b
vdat180.zip1915516VDAT 1.8 (DOS)Dec 1996(Back to index)MD5 sum 5917bbe269674b02e184903006304600
vdatw180.zip7161659VDAT 1.8 (Win)Apr 1999MD5 sum cfd05fe31c986fbc1ef1fed24cc8831d
vdat190.zip2156039VDAT 1.9 (DOS)Mar 1997MD5 sum 19928ca461d92e60d0b6ad89ea6f061b
vdatw190.zip8133527VDAT 1.9 (Win)Jul 1999MD5 sum 21801fa8e68fb7650f61879c1aaedafd
vdat2000-1.zip9596330VDAT 2000.1Oct 2001MD5 sum 4c2378883c668c1c6135723f2d71c50e
vdat2000-2.zip10495043VDAT 2000.2Oct 2001MD5 sum 3ee49db3afe61eef4663b47c0b196bc8
vdat2000.zip8699568VDat2000Jan 2000MD5 sum 2f0ab8ceaaa1d896724036a261315199

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