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Batch Zone

The batch only zine
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bzce.zip1168491Xmas editionDec 2003
  • Intro
  • Editorial
  • Interview with Lawrencium
  • Interview with Overmind
  • Batch Random Number Generator 2.3
  • BatXP.Palindrom 2.0
  • Abstract Batch Viruses
  • Adding mass mailer vbscript code to a batch file
  • Appending
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bz1.zip712184[1]Jun 2003
  • Index/This piece of file
  • Editorial (by NGL-part I & DvL-part II)
  • Introduction to BATch (by DvL)
  • Learning BATch (for newbiews) (by DvL)
  • Dangerous Menu 3.0 (by DvL and Ratty)
  • The Silly BATch viruz Constructor 2.0
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bz2.zip1171994[2]Jul 2003
  • Editorial (by NGL - part I & DvL - part II)
  • Tips and tricks in batch part I [DvL]
  • Payloads in batch [DvL]
  • Startup Methods for Batch [SAD1c]
  • Bat\BatXP.Iaafe [philet0a$t3r & SpTh]
  • Some Nice Batch Payloads [SAD1c]
  • Bat.Bush [Adious]
  • Interview with Adious [DvL]
  • Interview with me [NGL]


Part I by NGL + How would the world be without viruses ?

Some people think that viruses are bad for the society (lamers). But I think that the choice of good leeds to evil and the choice of evil leeds to good. Without the evil you can not have the good. These two are undivided, but still they are opused, like the sky and the earth. But one without the other you can not have. The evil is the consequince of good and we must accept this consequince. How would the world be without virii?

Well, first of all the AV companys would not exist and a whole industry would crash, just imagine how many things are connected, one way or the other with viruses. Second of all, the entire BATch language would be dead, because only you guys keep it alive. Many of the virus writers that started with it now forgot about it and moved on to something "cooler". You must admit ! Third of all, it would be very, very, very boring without any danger and spice in the virtual world. I can't imagine a world like that, and if we would live it, I wouldn't like at all. Life would suck! But you just keep writing viruses and nothing like that would happen. Pliz!

Part II by DvL + Make love not war!

Intro ``Welcome back, crew !``

I`m scared and I have "cool" nightmarez with my eyez closed. I hate life and I love death. Until when and why, maybe who ... those questionz slowly kill me.

The BZ #1 was on his very beginings only an ideea, an project. When i`ve sawed that ppl started to help me, this ideea went higher, on my limits [LOL]. If no materials were sended, BZ wouldn`t even exist right now.

BZ was released with help from the rest of batch coders gang, and b-coze of that BZ #1 was a succes. Many 10x guyz ... Hope that the next numbers wouldn`t be as low in stuff as this one. If u have any batch or batch related stuff, don`t esitate to send it any time to [email protected]

Should this angry kill me?

Last week i was very angry from the reasons:

  1. very low batch stuff was send to me for BZ #2
  2. philet0ast3r told me that i can`t enter the rRLF group
  3. RAV ripped KAV`z updates to put them on theire own sites

Why do we create virii?

This is maybe a questions for both sides, good and `bad`. They [the AV`z] consider us a living danger.

Those who only research theire posibilities and intelectual capacities shoudn`t be accused [the rest MUST, LOL].

I never heard only one damn AV person who sad that we help theire jobz, coze of our many lost hours, maybe yearz for many of us, they have something to eat on theire tables.

This is ridiculouz, don`t you see?


B-coze some of you tryed to reach me [some of you even tryed to infect me], you must hear my explanation.

I have serious problems [not that kind of problems, lol]. I`ve failed to a big exam, i have fights with my family ... now i must to stay home and to learn for that exam which will be on 10~16.08.2003.

My computer is a IBM pentium 233 mmx, 64 ram, 2 hard disks [210 mb and 112 mg], win95 with Plus!, IE 4.01 updated to 5.0, not conected to Internet, KAV 3.5 and F-Prot 3.12 [dos version] installed.

If i wanna update my page or to check my mail i can`t, coze i have money problemz and even i the money i can`t get out of house [i`m grounded]. Sometimes my brother helps me by checking my mail for me. Also, i wanna thank you for trying to infect my mail, maybe u allready did it. Those are my ``fans`` [LOL].

B-coze of low resources and other "tiny" problems to BZ#2, the BZ#3 will be released later [in september, i think], when it will have enough stuff, but until then you have enough time to send me anything.

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bz3.zip384815[3]Nov 2003
  • Intro
  • Editorial
  • Interview with Adious
  • Interview with Alcopaul
  • Special interviews, related with this number
  • How to write Batch files
  • Info on some registry keys
  • Antivirus & pear-to-pear location
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bz4.zip555320[4]Feb 2004
  • Editorial - untitled
  • Enter-View with Zed [DvL]
  • Enter-View with Kefi [DvL]
  • The Run Batch Run Book [Finn Roaas]
  • Polymorphic Batch Tutorial [Glitch]
  • MicroSoft's Undocumented Features Vol.1 Nr.7
  • Difference
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bz5.zip1080647[5]Apr 2004
  • Editorial
  • Enter-View with SlageHammer
  • Enter-View with SevenC (7C)
  • Enter-View with Retro [rRLF]
  • Enter-View with DiA
  • Enter-View with me by PC-Magazine
  • Past, present and future of batch
  • Bat.Fuck:
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