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Batch Zone

The batch only zine
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bzce.zip1168491Xmas editionDec 2003
  • Intro
  • Editorial
  • Interview with Lawrencium
  • Interview with Overmind
  • Batch Random Number Generator 2.3
  • BatXP.Palindrom 2.0
  • Abstract Batch Viruses
  • Adding mass mailer vbscript code to a batch file
  • Appending
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bz1.zip712184[1]Jun 2003
  • Index/This piece of file
  • Editorial (by NGL-part I & DvL-part II)
  • Introduction to BATch (by DvL)
  • Learning BATch (for newbiews) (by DvL)
  • Dangerous Menu 3.0 (by DvL and Ratty)
  • The Silly BATch viruz Constructor 2.0
(... More)MD5 sum 76e8ccee96321e1cc016439d304a7ab2
bz2.zip1171994[2]Jul 2003
  • Editorial (by NGL - part I & DvL - part II)
  • Tips and tricks in batch part I [DvL]
  • Payloads in batch [DvL]
  • Startup Methods for Batch [SAD1c]
  • Bat\BatXP.Iaafe [philet0a$t3r & SpTh]
  • Some Nice Batch Payloads [SAD1c]
  • Bat.Bush
(... More)MD5 sum c29bc4713727d469886ea655115dd177
bz3.zip384815[3]Nov 2003
  • Intro
  • Editorial
  • Interview with Adious
  • Interview with Alcopaul
  • Special interviews, related with this number
  • How to write Batch files
  • Info on some registry keys
  • Antivirus & pear-to-pear location
(... More)MD5 sum 528d20a951b4d87d2ed7d2a4cf6cc511
bz4.zip555320[4]Feb 2004
  • Editorial - untitled
  • Enter-View with Zed [DvL]
  • Enter-View with Kefi [DvL]
  • The Run Batch Run Book [Finn Roaas]
  • Polymorphic Batch Tutorial [Glitch]
  • MicroSoft's Undocumented Features Vol.1 Nr.7
  • Difference
(... More)MD5 sum 9590348417ce24e4c1d0e1d8af4c4939
bz5.zip1080647[5]Apr 2004
  • Editorial
  • Enter-View with SlageHammer
  • Enter-View with SevenC (7C)
  • Enter-View with Retro [rRLF]
  • Enter-View with DiA
  • Enter-View with me by PC-Magazine
  • Past, present and future of batch
  • Bat.Fuck: explained
  • BatXP.Nihilist: 1st EPO batch virus
  • Tutorial about how to know if you have batch or trojan
  • The power of Pc/Ms-Dos batch files
  • The hidden strengths of the dos batch language
  • Virus batch
  • Intermediate batch tutorial


The only secure computer is one that's
unplugged, locked in a safe, and buried 20 feet
under the ground in a secret location, and I'm
not even too sure about that one .:. Dennis Huges [FBI]

A few begining words

Hy Batch Zone readers (& everybody else) ! Sorry for delay (hey SpTh); it was a hard period for me. I`ve disapointed everybody near me and they disapointed me. Another thing: it seems that I`m not welcomed on #vir and #virus coze I`m a romanian and coze of promoting batch so much.

Those days I`ve seened a real lamer on He uploaded a win32 virus. When decompresing the zip I was surprised to see a text. I open the text with a viewer and i`m very surprised coze at begining it was a virus generated by BoM of SAD1c, then some parts from my BVCK and some stupid lines from him. Where the ideea of win32 ? He sawed in our disclaimers that this virii can easily spread on the internet. His name is something like Macca or Mecca. But you can check it by yourself. No credits from "author", of course.

Everyday I receive 10 copies of Netsky worm via mail, 5 spam mails and every week almost 10 mails from newbies that want to learn Visual Basic and c++ via mail; and they expect from me to teach them. Well, with this HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE Internet you can find hyndreds of papers with everything you need guyz. I`m a busy man, too. I also have school, friends, girlfriend, family and rRLF ... and the time isn`t enough for all of them.

The Romanian Virus Meeting 2004

Every vxer is invited in Romania in this summer in a vx-meeting. If you have time, money and you dare to do this, why don`t you come ? You can also bring your friend(s), bla bla bla ... What will happen here ? Well, first we wil try to know each other, then ... we will try to get as much fun !!!!

For more informations please drop me a mail on [email protected]

A few ending words -= Greets =-

Thank you so much SpTh for beeing such a cool guy with me and for helping with shits that I couldn`t make by myself and showing me about sites and related. Also, the zine was releasead a little earlier that I was planing coze of you. Nevermind, hope u will like it.

Hey Adious, Retro, Dia, _Metal, Knowdeth, Rott_en, PhileT0ast3r !! ... it`s 01:56 and at this i can`t remember anybody else, sorry.

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