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Virus Collecting Magazine

from the intro to the first issue by VirusBuster:

Virus magazines oriented to virus coders have been really popular in the history of the vx scene, but really few stuff for virus collectors has been released since scene exists.

Most of the articles and stuff in any other shape oriented to collectors have been released individually and there have been a few attempts of doing a magazine for virus collecting community. It was many years ago, around 99 when Virus Trading Center group formed by VirusBuster, Shadow Seeker, Tally and Slage Hammer gathered several articles and put all them together inside "Virus Trading Center (VTC) Newsletter". This attempt of doing a magazine for collectors was not successful and it did not have a continuation. More recently some people from gathered several articles and other stuff like programs and also viral stuff into a magazine, but their work did not see the light and remained unreleased, not to mention it was not a fully focused virus collecting magazine.

Resuming... in over 10 years of vx scene there has not been a serious try to make a magazine for collectors and I thought it was time to finish that.

The magazine pretends to be an open channel for all virus collectors or anyone that can contribute in anyway. Contributions will be reviewed by the editor (that is me, VirusBuster) and they will be accepted or rejected depending if the stuff is interesting, new and accurate. Even members from antivirus industry and security field can participate if they want.

It is well known the "discrepancies" between several members of the virus collecting community and me but this magazine pretends to be a neutral zone where everybody have voice, so nobody will be rejected by his nick.

I animate all collectors to participate in this project so it will not be a "one man" work. Collectors also can request articles for specified themes that can be discussed and explained in future magazines.

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vcm-1.zip70201#1Apr 2004
  • 001 Introductory words by VirusBuster
  • 002 Obtaining the list of viruses you miss from AVP by VirusBuster
  • 003 AVP/KAV: What version to use? by VirusBuster
  • 004 Virus collectors links by VirusBuster
  • 005 Interview to Dr.
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vcm-2.zip10201#2Jun 2004
  • 001 Command lines for console antivirus by VirusBuster
  • 002 Losing trades due file names by VirusBuster
  • 003 Best antivirus to trade by VirusBuster
  • 004 How to rename collection files: An important decission by VirusBuster
  • 005 Interview to Basketcase by VirusBuster
  • 006 Interview to Germano by VirusBuster
  • 007 Interview to mr-virus by VirusBuster
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vcm-3.zip7904#3Aug 2004
  • 001 Updating antivirus by VirusBuster
  • 002 Duplicate files on virus collections by Germano
  • 003 Fakes: Why to get them out of DAT files by VirusBuster
  • 004 Interview to Bigblok by VirusBuster
  • 005 Interview to Brian_Perl by VirusBuster
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vcm-4.zip9529#4Feb 2005
  • 001 Last words?? by VirusBuster
  • 002 Raiders of the lost ark-ive by VirusBuster
  • 003 Antivirus with detected virus lists by VirusBuster
  • 004 Safe environments for virus management and replication by VirusBuster
  • 005 KAV based
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