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Group: 29A

Contents: These virus oriented zines contain several viruses and source codes as well as tutorials. A mouse operated VGA/ANSI browser was included with #1 while the browser of #2 initially starts with a very nice looking intro/demo. All files are available as ASCII and binary files. Issue #4 consists of an impressive collection of articles, tutorials, interviews, source codes and binaries. Viruses ranging from platforms from DOS to Windows 2000 are included.

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29a-7fe.zip6893193#7 full editionMar 2004full edition MD5 sum ed381073b2ccee9f3b6561a5dba7b468
29a-8.zip3087272[#8Jan 2005Editorial:
  • Introduction
  • News
  • Contributors
  • Membership
  • Distribution
  • Our greetings
  • Policies and goals
  • Secret area
  • About the viewer
Articles: Utilities & Tools: Viruses & Worms:
  • W32/W64.Shrug / W64/W32.Shrug
  • W64.Shrug (AMD version)
  • W64.Shrug (Intel version)
  • Caribe
  • JollyRoger v1
  • JollyRoger v2
  • sic semper tirannis
  • 666 worm
  • Beagle
  • eris
  • Lin32.Caline
  • Lin32.Nemox
  • Nf3ct0r
  • Win32.Norther
  • I-Worm\Win32.Voltage
  • Win32.Abigor
  • Win32/Linux.MetaPHOR v1D
  • NetRobot v1 and v2
  • Win32.PolutoSP v2.0
  • Win32.Crucio
  • W32.Unair
  • WinCE.Dust
  • Spread
  • Ephemeral 2.6
  • Morphine
  • Perl.Santy


Here we are punctual to our own meeting, as we promised in the last issue.

This time the quantity, as we told, is minor, but the quality is the same if not more. Probably 29A #8 is, along with 29A #3, the most technical virus magazine that any virus group released ever.

We are proud to present the first virus ever infecting Win64 platform, and also a Win32/Win64 cross-infector. Also we are presenting in this issue the first virus infecting PDAs and the first virus infecting cell phones too!

Awesome! Our members have been working hard to bring all this new stuff.

What will be next? A virus infecting a coffee pot...? Maybe, everything is possible in this digital era where almost anything is computerized.

29A pretends to be an investigator group that shows publicly security bugs for different platforms. Authorities of countries should thank instead of prosecute, that a bunch of people spend hours of their time to find and show weakness and vulnerabilities in order to be prevented and solved. It is much better a known vulnerability by everybody that an unknown one that could be used by someone with malicious intentions.

With this I mean that the intents to get down virus writers just because they show the incompetence/imprudence of some companies should stop. Spending time and efforts to prosecute only the people that take advantage of these problems in their own beneffit would be much more worth.

Is pointless getting in jail to someone that only tried to show that computers and other peripherals are insecure? Seems so.

Even more, many times a virus writer is someone that makes for hobby the job that a technician of a company should have done for money.

A technician is paid for discovering holes/bugs in a system, meanwhile the virus writer is criminalized for doing the very same thing. Why is different the technician of the virus writer? Just because the technician gets money? Because the virus writer makes public his discoveries?

Spreading is other question and much more serious nowadays than years ago.

Just this year several members of vx scene (Gigabyte or Whale for example) got in troubles with police of their countries for spreading their code. Even Benny that did not spread anything got in troubles.

So, spreading yes or spreading no? The answer seems quite obvious. The fun is in the creation and the problems in the spreading.

What is the future of 29A after so many members got out?

Our intention is to continue releasing a new issue every 1st january. For this, the work of 29A members and contributors is essential, as usual.

We will try to continue bringing the same quality and as many quantity as possible, but this last thing is difficult because vx scene is almost dead. Sometimes seems like 29A is the vx scene.

We have been waiting for years for new virus writers that come to replace the holes that people like Jacky Qwerty, SSR and other cool virus writers left when they retired. Sadly, most holes are still there to be covered.

And not only the holes of illustrious virus writers are still empty, also groups like VLAD, Immortal Riot, IKX or Matrix are being missed actually.

29A will continue accepting new members, so if you consider you are a good candidate for joining our group do not hesitate to contact us. Send us a few lines talking about yourself and the best stuff you coded.

December 2004
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29a-1.zip505035[1]Dec 1996
  • 1-1 - Here we are
  • 1-2 - Distributors
  • 1-3 - Greetings
  • 1-4 - Legal Stuff
  • 1-5 - Interviews (Bozo)
  • 1-6 - Life in Saturn
  • 2-1 - Encryption: Theory
  • 2-2 - Encryption: Practice
  • 2-3 - Polymorphism
  • 2-4
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29a-2.zip1456618[2]Feb 1998
  • 1-1 - Introduction to 29A#2
  • 1-2 - News since 29A#1
  • 1-3 - 29A Distro Sites
  • 1-4 - Our Greetings
  • 1-5 - Legal Stuff
  • 1-6 - Interview with Qark
  • 1-7 - Words from Jacky Qwerty
  • 1-8 - What is happening
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29a-3.zip2095035[3]Jan 1999
  • 1-1 - Introduction
  • 1-2 - News
  • 1-3 - Membership
  • 1-4 - Distribution
  • 1-5 - Our greetings
  • 1-6 - Policies and goals
  • 1-7 - Secret area
  • 1-8 - About the viewer
  • 1-9 - Mister Sandman's resignation
  • 1-A - Rajaat's
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29a-4.zip9375765[4full]Mar 2000Editorial:
  • 101 - Introduction
  • 102 - News
  • 103 - Contributors
  • 104 - Membership
  • 105 - Distribution
  • 106 - Our greetings
  • 107 - Policies and goals
  • 108 - Secret area
  • 109 - About the viewer
  • 110 - DDT: another
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  • VirusBuster/29A "Introduction"
  • VirusBuster/29A "News"
  • VirusBuster/29A "Contributors"
  • VirusBuster/29A "Membership"
  • VirusBuster/29A "Distribution"
  • 29A staff "Our greetings"
  • Darkman/29A "Policies
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29a-6.zip5410723[6]Mar 2002
  • VirusBuster/29A "Introduction"
  • VirusBuster/29A "News"
  • VirusBuster/29A "Contributors"
  • VirusBuster/29A "Membership"
  • VirusBuster/29A "Distribution"
  • 29A staff "Our greetings"
  • 29A staff "Policies and goals"
  • VirusBuster/29A
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29a-7.zip6013616[7]Feb 2004Editorial:
  • Introduction by VirusBuster/29A
  • News by VirusBuster/29A
  • Contributors by VirusBuster/29A
  • Membership by VirusBuster/29A
  • Distribution by VirusBuster/29A
  • Our greetings by 29A staff
  • Policies and
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