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Simple Script Wormer

Author: Jack Lane

Author's notes

This is a siple Script Worm Generator. Just enter your name, the name of your worm, subject, body and attachment name and typ. Then press generate and your Worm'll be saved as Worm.vbs in C:\. Have phun with this generator. For questiones mail me at: [email protected] This is a german version. I'll write a english version, soon. Look on, there 'll be the first english generator, if I've finished it. This worm uses MS Outlook to spread. It sends itshelf on all contacts in the Adresssbok.

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ssw.zip23831SSWNov 2004MD5 sum c08e7b008b0189b65db682ce7740059a
ssw2.zip28176SSW 2Jan 2005(Back to index)MD5 sum dcb0d9e117a6c32f5ebba6f7a3984bc8

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