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Ready Rangers Liberation Front

Group: Ready Rangers Liberation Front

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rrlf_bestof.zip48017726Best OfJul 2008MD5 sum e56f7ef9afdd146b3a461d4bfd4fad7e
rrlf1.zip1051018[1]Feb 2002
  • 01 - this page
  • 02 - editorial by philet0ast3r
  • 03 - bat.revenge by philet0ast3r & rastafarie
  • 04 - dark_angel by Energy
  • 05 - photolepsie by rastafarie
  • 06 - an hour later by luN4
  • 07 - by philet0ast3r
  • 08
(... More)MD5 sum 3a00f9ef141e53d52164dc84fb3f8e72
rrlf2.zip845272[2]May 2002
  • 00 - title screen by dr.g0nZo
  • 01 - this page
  • 02 - editorial by philet0ast3r
  • 03 - vbs.regreside by alcopaul
  • 04 - bat.eris by philet0ast3r
  • 05 - cool flavour by disc0rdia
  • 06 - VBS.Xchange.A by PetiK
  • 07
(... More)MD5 sum 73f505b13a76044449cd028d80e7d6df
rrlf3.zip1547047[3]Feb 2003
  • title screen by philet0ast3r
  • this page
  • table of contents (sorted)
  • editorial by philet0ast3r
  • HoloCaust by Energy
  • psilocybin by philet0ast3r
  • BatXP.Saturn by Second Part To Hell
  • IP addressing and
(... More)MD5 sum d35aef8baa4672c08526921da8f91337
rrlf4.zip2813268[4]Dec 2003
  • Editorial by philet0ast3r
  • Virii
    • PHP.Rainbow by Second Part To Hell
    • php.faces by Kefi
    • JS.Cassandra by Second Part To Hell
    • W32.Outsider source by Zed
    • bat.phanthom by adious
    • turmoil
(... More)MD5 sum 521f7865a11cba010aadb49759a31470
rrlf5.zip5321989[5]Nov 2004
  • Editorial
    • Intro [by DiA]
    • Some words [by philet0ast3r]
    • Members [by rRlf]
    • Membership [by BlueOwl]
    • Contributions [by DiA]
    • About the viewer [by DiA]
    • Greets [by rRlf]
    • Outro
(... More)MD5 sum 0cf49db0b3f0d33cbe033a02e33f069a
rrlf6.zip3545348[6]Jul 2005


Happy birthday RRLF! Yes, today, at the release date 21.07.2005, it's the 5. birthday of the ready rangers liberation front. And as present for us and for you we bring you the sixth issue of our electronic magazine. We, the members and contributers, working hard to bring you such good content, the BEST EVER! Many people say that the RRLF is just a script kiddie crew, can't even touch other things then batch and scripts. Here we are, with very good content. I hope people now get another idea what RRLF is about. And if not, i will ask that persons: what do you do for the VX scene?! Future of v. writing is dark, but no question, we keep on coding and bring you e-zines. And we are very pleased when you, as coder, do the same and contribute to our or other groups e-zines. Now enogh with the boring intro, open your beer and enjoy the RRLF zine issue six! Salute...

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rrlf7.zip6654447[7]Jul 2006
  • Editorial by DiA
  • Art
    • Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt - by philet0ast3r
    • Francis mags im Dunkeln - by philet0ast3r & Iwona
    • Level 5 Trip Part V - by philet0ast3r
    • the good ones - by philet0ast3r
    • presenting
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