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Journal In Computer Virology

Author: Springer

The Journal in Computer Virology is an independent scientific and technical journal dedicated to viral and antiviral computer technologies, and encompassing both theoretical and experimental aspects of the topic. The range of topics is broad, including mathematical aspects and theoretical fundamentals of computer virology; algorithmics and computer virology; computer immunology and biological models for computers; reverse engineering; viral technologies; antiviral technologies; cryptologic techniques and tools in computer virology; steganographic techniques and tools in computer virology; applications in computer virology; virology and IDS; Cyberwarfare techniques; Dual malware technologies.

The Journal promotes constructive research by publishing technical and scientific results related to this research area.

The final objective is proactive defense.

ISSN: 1772-9890 (print version)

ISSN: 1772-9904 (electronic version)

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jcv01-1.zip782241vol. 1, no 1Nov 2005
  • Guido Zosimo-Landolfo "I love you" (p. 1)
  • Eric Filiol "Foreword" (pp. 2-3)
  • Ibrahim K. El-Far, Richard Ford, Attila Ondi and Manan Pancholi "Suppressing the Spread of Email Malcode using Short-term Message Recall" (pp. 4-12)
  • Md.
(... More)MD5 sum d19b2fb48ea4350de92e86a271acca19
jcv01-2.zip311179vol. 1, no 2Mar 2006
  • G. Bonfante, M. Kaczmarek and J.-Y. Marion "On Abstract Computer Virology from a Recursion Theoretic Perspective" (pp. 45-54)
  • Eric Filiol, Marko Helenius and Stefano Zanero "Open Problems in Computer Virology"
MD5 sum c90ed637ce85e51ed9b4ba4e4fc613ac
jcv02-1.zip2019520vol. 2, no 1Aug 2006EICAR 2006 Special Issue
  • Vlasti Broucek, Eric Filiol and Paul Turner "Foreword" (pp. 1-2)
  • Vlasti Broucek and Paul Turner "Winning the Battles, Losing the War? Rethinking Methodology for Forensic Computing Research" (pp. 3-12)
  • Sarah
(... More)MD5 sum 39fb3ad05496390eefc3546512130347
jcv02-2.zip735595vol. 2, no 2Nov 2006
  • Eric Filiol "Foreword" (p. 99)
  • Daniel Reynaud-Plantey "The Java Mobile Risk" (pp. 101-107)
  • Sampo Töyssy and Marko Helenius "About malicious software in smartphones" (pp. 109-119)
  • Christos Xenakis "Malicious actions against
(... More)MD5 sum 8ddde99b920ee4e692a1de2e1a531170
jcv02-3.zip4529426vol. 2, no 3Dec 2006
  • Matt Webster and Grant Malcolm "Detection of metamorphic computer viruses using algebraic specification" (pp. 149-161)
  • In Seon Yoo and Ulrich Ultes-Nitsche "Non-signature based virus detection Towards establishing a unknown virus detection technique using SOM" (pp.
(... More)MD5 sum b2da5954f71e29155642a658dee0c8ff
jcv02-4.zip1529826vol. 2, no 4Feb 2007DIMVA 2006 Special Issue
  • E. Filiol, R. Büschkes and P. Laskov "Foreword" (pp. 241-242)
  • Konrad Rieck and Pavel Laskov "Language models for detection of unknown attacks in network traffic" (pp. 243-256)
  • Michalis Polychronakis, Kostas
(... More)MD5 sum cbf2bde99bc7a61356abdc265eb79850
jcv03-1.zip1540216vol. 3, no 1Apr 2007WTCV'06 Special Issue
  • Guillaume Bonfante and Jean-Yves Marion "Foreword" (pp. 1-2)
  • Philippe Beaucamps and Eric Filiol "On the possibility of practically obfuscating programs towards a unified perspective of code protection" (pp. 3-21)
  • Eric
(... More)MD5 sum ce3e207e650646f12d90446f019ce717
jcv03-2.zip3590269vol. 3, no 2Jun 2007Eicar 2007 Best Academic Papers (... More)MD5 sum d61d2aa656dd600407d29c197cf2427c
jcv03-3.zip1699390vol. 3, no 3Aug 2007
  • Hervé Debar, Yohann Thomas, Frédéric Cuppens and Nora Cuppens-Boulahia "Enabling automated threat response through the use of a dynamic security policy" (pp. 195-210)
  • Chandra Prakash "B-tree with fixed node size and no minimum degree" (pp. 211-219)
  • Sébastien
(... More)MD5 sum c5935a0818b0d253af4f932512c28740
jcv03-4.zip4346282vol. 3, no 4Nov 2007
  • Anne Bonfante and Jean-Yves Marion "On the defence notion" (pp. 247-251)
  • Mihai Christodorescu, Somesh Jha, Johannes Kinder, Stefan Katzenbeisser and Helmut Veith "Software transformations to improve malware detection" (pp. 253-265)
  • Salima Hacini, Zahia Guessoum
(... More)MD5 sum d92305d53e04c84599fa65872a3e5a9b
jcv04-1.zip2798001vol. 4, no 1Feb 2008SSTIC 2007 Special Issue
  • Philippe Biondi and Eric Filiol "Foreword" (pp. 1-3)
  • Xavier Allamigeon and Charles Hymans "Static analysis by abstract interpretation: application to the detection of heap overflows" (pp. 5-23)
  • Laurent Butti
(... More)MD5 sum 572209f7406b337ba788370a455b5a9f
jcv04-2.zip2666007vol. 4, no 2May 2008
  • Nicolas Ruff "Windows memory forensics" (pp. 83-100)
  • Guillaume Duc and Ronan Keryell "Improving virus protection with an efficient secure architecture with memory encryption, integrity and information leakage protection" (pp. 101-113)
  • Philippe Lagadec "OpenDocument
(... More)MD5 sum bb4e08f6a93a2b777c0169ad2ca83e12
jcv04-3.zip3703755vol. 4, no 3Aug 2008
  • Eric Filiol "Editorial" (pp. 159-160)
  • Martin Johns "On JavaScript Malware and related threats Web page based attacks revisited" (pp. 161-178)
  • Mike Ter Louw, Jin Soon Lim and V. N. Venkatakrishnan "Enhancing web browser security against
(... More)MD5 sum 53cf79b91077bf7676532c802d64ac31
jcv04-4.zip3073512vol. 4, no 4Nov 2008
  • Hervé Aiache, François Haettel, Laure Lebrun and Cédric Tavernier "Improving security and performance of an Ad Hoc network through a multipath routing strategy" (pp. 267-278)
  • Gérard Wagener, Radu State and Alexandre Dulaunoy "Malware behaviour analysis" (pp. 279-287)
  • Matt
(... More)MD5 sum e9f6dc89b38b1de02544924608e7d840
jcv05-1.zip5911123vol. 5, no 1Feb 2009
  • Daniel Bilar and Eric Filiol "Editors/translators Foreword" (pp. 1-3)
  • Jürgen Kraus "Vorwort" (pp. 5-6)
  • Jürgen Kraus "Foreword" (pp. 7-8)
  • Jürgen Kraus (trans. D. Bilar and E. Filiol) "On self-reproducing
(... More)MD5 sum 80a0b0b227e48c4248fe329c26726b4e
jcv05-2.zip8969433vol. 5, no 2May 2009
  • Ulrich Flegel and Eric Filiol "Editorial" (p. 89)
  • Loïc Duflot "CPU bugs, CPU backdoors and consequences on security" (pp. 91-104)
  • Damien Aumaitre "A little journey inside Windows memory" (pp. 105-117)
  • Yoann Guillot and Alexandre Gazet "Semi-automatic
(... More)MD5 sum f683144cb424917d82d978c29ee2071f
jcv05-3.zip3823590vol. 5, no 3Aug 2009
  • Mehdi Talbi, Mohamed Mejri and Adel Bouhoula "Specification and evaluation of polymorphic shellcode properties using a new temporal logic" (pp. 171-186)
  • Madhu K. Shankarapani, Anthonius Sulaiman and Srinivas Mukkamala "Fragmented malware through RFID and its defenses"
(... More)MD5 sum 239a6bc7aedb81c30d37e778155b36e4
jcv05-4.zip3307278vol. 5, no 4Nov 2009
  • Safaa O. Al-Mamory and Hongli Zhang "IDS alerts correlation using grammar-based approach" (pp. 271-282)
  • Yanfang Ye, Lifei Chen, Dingding Wang, Tao Li and Qingshan Jiang, et al. "SBMDS: an interpretable string based malware detection system using SVM ensemble with bagging"
(... More)MD5 sum a286930a9c1d12ab26bc9192250139f0
jcv06-1.zip6428128vol. 6, no 1Feb 2010
  • Sebastien Tricaud and Philippe Saadé "Applied parallel coordinates for logs and network traffic attack analysis" (pp. 1-29)
  • Ezzat Kirmani and Cynthia S. Hood "Analysis of a scanning model of worm propagation" (pp. 31-42)
  • Safaa O. Al-Mamory and Hongli Zhang
(... More)MD5 sum a829ed6bb77db17917dd4897ab479c8a
jcv06-2.zip3203770vol. 6, no 2May 2010
  • Gil Tahan, Chanan Glezer, Yuval Elovici and Lior Rokach "Auto-Sign: an automatic signature generator for high-speed malware filtering devices" (pp. 91-103)
  • Simon Kramer and Julian C. Bradfield "A general definition of malware" (pp. 105-114)
  • Hazem M. El-Bakry
(... More)MD5 sum cbd5861579d6877f9e02d338bc201519
jcv06-3.zip9079528vol. 6, no 3Aug 2010
  • Boris Lau and Vanja Svajcer "Measuring virtual machine detection in malware using DSD tracer" (pp. 181-195)
  • Patrice Auffret "SinFP, unification of active and passive operating system fingerprinting" (pp. 197-205)
  • Jean-Baptiste Bedrune, Éric Filiol and Frédéric
(... More)MD5 sum 7fb0fd2236b001e07904524d8cd11748
jcv06-4.zip5147080vol. 6, no 4Nov 2010
  • Frédéric Raynal, Guillaume Delugré and Damien Aumaitre "Malicious origami in PDF" (pp. 289-315)
  • Mickaël Salaün "Practical overview of a Xen covert channel" (pp. 317-328)
  • Guillaume Prigent, Florian Vichot and Fabrice Harrouet "IpMorph: fingerprinting spoofing
(... More)MD5 sum 58c44c2d024fc9e3caf024608284a409
jcv07-1.zip2580690vol. 7, no 1Feb 2011
  • Éric Lacombe, Vincent Nicomette and Yves Deswarte "Enforcing kernel constraints by hardware-assisted virtualization" (pp. 1-21)
  • Anthony Desnos, Éric Filiol and Ivan Lefou "Detecting (and creating !) a HVM rootkit (aka BluePill-like)" (pp. 23-49)
  • Manuel Egele,
(... More)MD5 sum 69e1f15fb9453cad1b61ee559a3bbe44
jcv07-2.zip2580153vol. 7, no 2May 2011
  • Hassan Khan, Fauzan Mirza and Syed Ali Khayam "Determining malicious executable distinguishing attributes and low-complexity detection" (pp. 95-105)
  • Madhu K. Shankarapani, Subbu Ramamoorthy, Ram S. Movva and Srinivas Mukkamala "Malware detection using assembly and API
(... More)MD5 sum 5d5f2e987d154fe402b6389f7ce876a7
jcv07-3.zip1943331vol. 7, no 3Aug 2011
  • Yves Younan, Pieter Philippaerts, Frank Piessens, Wouter Joosen and Sven Lachmund, et al. "Filter-resistant code injection on ARM" (pp. 173-188)
  • Vlasti Broucek, Paul Turner and Mark Zimmerli "Managing university internet access: balancing the need for security, privacy
(... More)MD5 sum bc902bbe81890d9dc5dc37c0440c0ca7
jcv07-4.zip3322205vol. 7, no 4Nov 2011
  • Joris Kinable and Orestis Kostakis "Malware classification based on call graph clustering" (pp. 233-245)
  • Blake Anderson, Daniel Quist, Joshua Neil, Curtis Storlie and Terran Lane "Graph-based malware detection using dynamic analysis" (pp. 247-258)
  • Ivan Sorokin "Comparing files using structural entropy" (pp. 259-265)
  • Zhang Fuyong and Qi Deyu "Run-time malware detection based on positive selection" (pp. 267-277)
  • Irfan Ahmed and Kyung-suk Lhee "Classification of packet contents for malware detection" (pp. 279-295)
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