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Into Valhalla

Hello people from all around the world,

I have seen often the nostalgia, the memories, reminiscence of the past: the "virus scene". But what is it really? What does it mean? What does it mean that some say it is dead, or dying? Is it both alive and dead? Living or dying? What does it mean that some say that there were better, or worst times? Such reminiscence is not part of me. The answer to those questions might not be a part, or be with me. But what I do have seen is the sadness and anger when VX Heavens went down. I have seen happiness and joy with better news. Is this the scene? But I haven't seen the times of better or worst.

However, I have seen, the efforts, the conviction, the purpose, the love, of what was put into the creation of Valhalla. So, I'm not allowed to think that there was a better time. Only this time is when our people is together to create things to be unique, to be remembered, to leave a mark in their time, to create with such quality. When I was given the chance to be part of it, or when I offered it, I knew I ought to try my best, for as the time is now, and so shall feel the writers to come.

There was always a good time, it was always good, for as every work will be of inspiration for someone else, the feeling is inhered. They will share the purpose, as I began to feel it in the past, as I feel it now. Every new work is the perpetuation of our existence, our thoughts, for the future generations.

A great civilization thought today to be the beginning of a new times. And I believe it too. It's not the end of the world, it's the morning of the new the time. I hope that our future generations maintain the spirit of the writers before us. We despise those who corrupted the path, those who made greed out of art, for as true art imitates the nature, but it's only human nature to create to destroy, and corrupt. We despise those who made weapons out of our art. I hope that they will certainly meet the merciless justice. Those who take advantage of innocence, whose knowledge is used and manipulated for nefarious purposes, are no more than servants of even yet another slave. They are certainly not the ones who stand over the shoulders of giants.

I quote Plato in his Apology version of the speech by Socrates: "I hope I may succeed, if this be well for you and me, and that my words may find favor with you. But I know that to accomplish this is not easy - I quite see the nature of the task." However, I feel that for everything that is worth and good, it is worth to try.

In this spirit of celebration, joy, but also with severe words, I have the honor and I'm very proud to welcome you to the third issue of Valhalla.


Words From Second Part To Hell

Wohooo - into valhalla for the 3rd time :-o :) :D ;)

Congratulations and thank you to hh86 for this awesome magazine! The project she has started about two years ago continues, and with it the possibility for motivated coders to release some cool new VX stuff.

This is now actually the fourth e-zine of a series:

  • 01.01.2011: virus writing bulletin 2011 - valhalla #0 :-)
  • 05.08.2011: valhalla #1
  • 15.03.2012: valhalla #2
  • 21.12.2012: valhalla #3

So thanks alot to hh86 for this zine again, and for the whole motivation last few months, and sharing all those fine ideas.

Also thanks goes to roy g biv for being such a reliable contributor to the VX world for so many years (even you're taking longer to answere mails as usual recently, hope everything is good!).

Hello and welcome to valhalla goes to r3s1stanc3 - hope you continue your nice projects! :)

Hi as well goes to (o) - nice to have you on board. Cool true RNG. What about a QRNG next time? :)

Thanks for the great interviews to Eric Filiol, Marc Stamp and VirusBuster!!! It is awesome that scientific reserachers looking at this nice topic as well, and having such great ideas and perspectives. I would suggest you to look at the topic of self-learning viruses as well - we need some new fresh ideas there :)

Best greets and lot of thanks goes to herm1t, who has supported us for so many years! Its very sad what happend to you and our library this year - but i dont want to mention anything further, this should be a happy moment with good feelings only. I just hope everything works our fine for you very soon, and you can provide us again with this genious library and your great ideas/codes!

After VX Heavens went done, and with it my homepage, Perforin was so nice to provide me a new nice place. Thanks alot for that! Wish you much luck with the future of DC! And continue those crazy projects like infecting Samson TVs :)

Greets goes also to Peter Ferrie who enjoyed analysing our codes for some quite some time now (even if i have the feeling that he tries to fool us by mentioning bugs, mistakes in source-comments or even typos in the payload :D) - Keep up the good job!

I guess there is nothing left to say - this release is an evidence that there are people interested in the original kind of virus-writing: the discovering of new techniques and methods to infect files, to find ways infiltrating new systems, to find novel concepts to hide code - to think about the future of self-replicating codes.

We dont harm anybody! We do it because we enjoy it, and because we know other people enjoy it too. :)

I see the virus writing is alive.

Second Part To Hell / [email protected]
December 2012

PS: Comments/ideas/suggestions/proposals/... are welcome :)

Words From herm1t

I am apologize for I am came to this issue with no code, but nonetheless I am glad to write this guest intro and say a few words to the Valhalla's readers. Sometime ago I thought that the world has inevitably changed and vxing and non-commercial virus writing are constantly decaying to the complete extinction. When I added a new stuff to the and had a feeling that all this is nearly of no use. The old school people go and left the valedictions which stressed the same simple idea - there's nothing to be done.

Damn wrong!

Though the troubles I faced with the cops in this year ate a lot of my time and frazzled the nerves, it highlighted and made clear for me a lot of important things. There are many people who shows concernment and commitment to what are AV frenemies calling "amateur" virus writing and exchange. Much more than one could think of.

I met many people here in Ukraine and talk to many worldwide and after that I realized that it's not the virus writing is dying, but I tried to herd myself into Procrustean bed of false assumptions. When I published the statement on the server's seizure I didn't expected that support will be so wide and from such different sides (even from within law-enforcement forces itself). And now I am no more concerned about the future of virus writing.

Personnaly, I wish to greet hh86 and SPTH and other authors who made this issue possible, and to thank all the people who helped me this year, and those who stay persistent and creative in moving the virus technology forward. I hope that soon we all could meet again on the VX Heavens pages. And now I eagerly waiting the release of this issue to see more viral code and ideas as a plentiful source of inspiration for the future releases.

If you could enjoy the code the virus writing is alive.

See through the trick.

WBR [email protected], snowy Kiev, 2012

Words From hh86

Out of duties as the editor of the magazine, I would like write some words.

I would like to thank everyone who day by day make this possible, in some way or another, directly or indirectly. To SPTH: because this was the biggest challenge for us both, but we made it; I want to thank to him for all the motivation every day, for teaching me a lot of things about the universe, and the realm of sanity (that so much escapes from me); only he has the patience to deal with me for so long; working with him is the grandest honor! To (o): what happened a week before the release was the challenge that surpass every other, nothing can ever compensate what she does for me; nothing would be possible without her. To Damyanova sisters: they were who I am. To rgb: I want to thank him for being there every time I look for him, even if it takes so many days; some say I might copy his style, but he never complained about anything and he is always there to support my projects; I want to thank for the good advises and patience! To herm1t: for being one of the most enduring and supportive guys in the cause. To Lucy: I don't think somebody else would go through the length that he goes everyday to support me with a virtual environment; I am not an ecofriendly consumer of CPU power; I owe him an awful lot! To m0sa: for the friendly chats every day, he cheers me up. To other people I'm grateful: Miss X, Nana, Jae. And the original hh86, wherever you are whoever you are.

I would like to send greetings to the following people: Chae Jong Bin, Peter Ferrie, and Daniel Pistelli (the creator of CFF Explorer).

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