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Author: pr0mix

First release was published in Inception #1 zine.

Excerpt from the author's doc

DIZAHEX - is a small disassembler engine intended for analyzing x86/x86-64 (+ 16-bit) code. It can be used as an independent engine, as well as in combination with other ones: permutator, emulator, virtual machine etc. Application options: primarily in viruses/worms/trojans, add-on protection (packers, cryptors, protectors) =). It can also be used in other programs.

DIZAHEX is written in C, so it is not associated with a specific processor. It can be used in 32-bit and 64-bit applications. Another peculiarity of the engine is that it has no incorrect instructions. It's assumed that any code analyzed consists of correct commands (duh, how else do you write a program?). You can write an external analyzer if the task requires it.

The table of opcode characteristics (dizahex_table) is a global massive. You can make the disassembler permutable by moving the table to function dizahex_disasm() or by transferring the virtual table pointer as a (new) argument of the dizahex_disasm() function.


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