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valhalla4.zip3990032#4Nov 2013

Into Valhalla

Hello people from all around the world,

almost a year ago, I wrote here about the reminiscence of the past, of our struggles to endure the seemingly decay of the virus scene. But not today! Perhaps, one of the greatest news I'm humbled to mention, is that VX Heaven Library is back! herm1t and company withstood the unfair accussations that brought down the library, and now they are back, proving that herm1t is one of the most diligent and resilient persons that the scene has ever seen.

Recently, our german colleagues from Dark-CoderZ released their fifth issue demonstrating that their magazine is only getting better and better. pr0mix and company made an outstanding job assembling a team of contributors and together released a high-quality magazine known as Inception, one like we have not seen for a long time. To all of them we salute them with our best wishes.

But now it's our time. Here is the forth issue of Valhalla to close this year in celebration. In this new release we are presenting some of the most incredible creations of all times: the world's first virus that has been designed and created to go beyond the digital world and into the biological world of DNA, a virus capable of infect the very code that made us. We are presenting a family of viruses so big, that it targets 32 new languages! And there is also viruses for all flavors: multi-platform infectors, cross-scripting file infectors using meta-language translators, new methods for spreading, metamorphism, new file infection techniques, new decryption techniques, and also tricks to evade anti-virus detection.

To the reader who do not take part in creations, and to our colleagues, we can only say with joy in our hearts, that our time is once again, the scene lives up! From the individual coders who contribute to all sides, to the coders that make the ezines and yet contribute when they are invited, to the unsung people who contributes with their cheerful and motivating words, to those eager minds who are beginning their journey in this path, to all of them we address this important release, into valhalla, to tell them to rise and seize this opportunity to explore and conquer!

We and I hope that we meet again someday here, with the sense of belonging to a long coming victory.

Long live the virus writing and welcome to Valhalla 4!


Words from SPTH

Yeyyyyyy.... here we are - into valhalla for the fourth time!!!!! :))

Well done to hh86 again - as always she was like super motivated and has done a fantastic job to bring this issue together, to motivate people (including me) to work harder, faster; and for discovering and creating fantastic techniques/codes by her own. Like a "Energizer bunny" (as one of our friends on the other side once said). :)

This is now actually the fifth e-zine of a series:

To let me send some "HELL-Oh!" out:

  • hh86 - Thanks for all the hard work you do, and the constant motivation for me. I most likely would not code all those kitties for the last 3years, so they somehow exist due to you ;)
  • roy g biv - continuously contributing things to the vx scene for so many years. Thats great. And i presume you are now officially the person who infected most new platforms :) Keep on the good work! And thx for the interview!
  • JPanic - I'm really happy that you came back, and that you are such a nice, helpful person. Your things are great, so much looking forward to that Linux64 kitti :))) Read you soon! and thanks for the interview!
  • r3s1stanc3 - very nice that you are part of valhalla again. Its a very interesting and creative idea, I like that :) Hope you have more time to imagine and implement new fancy techniques!!
  • M0SA - Hey man! Long time not seen. I'm very surprised about your research, seems to be so simple techniques, and still you get so good results. Thats wonderful. Congrats, well done! And very nice to brainstorm with you about machinal learning, swarm behaviour of autonomous artificial self-replicators etc :) makes alot of fun! Lets continue thinking about those crazy ideas :)
  • Jeff Dahmer - Hey man! Thanks so much for bringing back VX Heaven, our awesome library, and the forum which we can use (and used - see my Polygamy, the idea was somehow born there) for brainstorming :))
  • herm1t - yoooo! Thanks also to you for bringing back VX Heaven! and for everything you went through last 20months. I wish everything became fine finally. Looking forward to the crazy inside stories what happened :) Oh yes, and as you said, I also hope to see you next issue with some code. Many things are waiting... Fancy HLL meta. Final step of EPO. :) Read you soon!
  • Black Sun - Hey! Maybe we have not talked yet - in any way, very fancy code that you send! wow. I'm looking forward to some tests of it, going to do that soon. Hope to have some direct contact with you some day :)
  • genetix - heeeey! really happy your wrote me again. Wish you everything best to be fine soon again. it just occurs to me that you nearly forgot that you wanted to swim with sharks :-o See you soon :)
  • virii - Ahoi - big big thanks to you for giving us a fast, reliabale, free (!) webspace! Thanks alot :) And nice that you released DC5, looking forward to DC6! Yo-ho-ho...
  • pr0mix - yo man! very nice release with inception#1! looking forward to part 2! i will try very hard to be part of it this time. nice to have another cool magazines around now :)
  • Peter Ferrie - thanks for analysing our malware and certifying that they are awesome :D Hope you have fun with this years kitties aswell :)
  • Mark Stamp - thanks for your cool research and for having on of your students analysing metamorphic JavaScript codes :) Looking forward to news from your nice research!
  • Eric Filiol - Your work is so wonderful. Would love to understand it much much better than I do now (and trust me, I have tried already.). Especially your behaviour mutational code and the k-ary theory. thats so creative, and put to the mathematical basis. wonderful :))
  • Craig Venter - (who will most likely not read this) When I found your research about the synthetic life, I was absolutly excited! This is such an important result, and I wish you much luck with follow up research on the basis of biological life :) Thanks for it!

more greets to so many other people, this file has not enough space for mention them all :-o :)

One thing I want to make totally clear: We are interested in the old-school kind of virus-writing. Our goal is to discover new techniques, think about new concepts, learn dozents of languages (hi rgb :)), ... we are freelancer-reseacher and dont want to harm anybody (moreover we believe that the public available codes here might help to improve security techniques).

We do not want to earn any money with it - "VX vs Commerce", that question does not exist. Its like "shooting sport vs. mass murder". Specifically that means: We detest people who use botnets, banking trojans, spammin bots, ... to earn money and harm people. These are criminals and should be punished.

OK - dont waste your time in my little intro-words/greeting section, check out the awesome stuff in the magazine :)

I see the virus writing is alive.

Second Part To Hell / [email protected]
twitter: @SPTHvx
November 2013

Words from roy g biv

It is a sad thing that in recent times, some of the most active members of the scene were attacked on a forum for being the most active members of the scene. For example, hh86, SPTH, and me. hh86 and I focus on the technique. SPTH focuses on the concept. When hh86 and I write the code, the new idea is deep inside the container that does not need to change. To complain about this is to see the oyster shell and say that they all look the same, but then to miss the pearl that is inside. When SPTH writes the code, the entire virus is the idea. Some of those ideas are so new and different that they are hard to understand. To complain about this is to complain about imagination. So let us all use our imagination and make more pearls, and together we can defeat the fools who cannot see the beauty in what we do.

Words from R3s1stanc3

Whupeefuckingduh! Valhalla #4 is finally there

It has been about one year since the last issue of valhalla and for the second time, I am very proud to be a part of it. As always, let's talk about, what happened since the last ezine.

We had a fake VXing group coming up, the long awaited relaunch of VXHeavens, which brought some life back into the scene and in October, Inception #1 was released by pr0mix. I had my finals this year and also started studing. That's why I wasn't able to write many codes this year but luckily I finished one just in time for this ezine.

I hope, that we'll see some new VXers appear due to the relaunch of VXHeavens. I hope for us to see many great new techniques in this ezine. Enjoy reading!

Some greetings go to:

  • herm1t - thanks for finally relaunching VXHeavens
  • hh86 - ty for publishing another issue of valhalla
  • kn0wlegend - for helping me with some codes
  • Perforin - I hope to see some codes of yours soon ;) and thanks for helping me with some codes
  • pr0mix - sorry I didn't contribute to Inception #1. There was simply no time. I hope to see you on jabber soon again
  • SPTH - thx for kind of kicking my ass and moving me to keep writing on my codes :)
R3s1stanc3 [vxnetw0rk]
[email protected] -

Words from M0SA

Away from the stinky world of cyber gangs where the hacking challenge lost its meaning and became a quest for more bitcoins or stolen credit cards, and away from exploits brokers and bots renters...

Away from white collars stuffed with fragile knowledge from the quick certifications they're racing up to put in their resumes to find a place in the industry...

Away from all that, comes Valhalla to gather us to preserve the real meaning of "Hacking". Valhalla and other e-zines are what keeping the scene alive and keeping the legacy lives on.

Words from hh86

In this personal text, I would like thank SPTH for all his support, his positiveness and motivational spirit that made this all possible. Thanks to roy g biv as well, for being our inconditional supporter and fundational member of Valhalla. Thanks to contributors who choose us once again: R3s1stanc3 and M0SA. And the contributors who I welcome for the first time in Valhalla: JPanic and Black Sun. Greetings to herm1t, Peter Ferrie, Amethyst, Chae Jong Bing, (o), and Luciano. I would like to thank also the guys from Doze Studio for the GIF! You guys are awesome!

I hope you enjoy Valhalla 4 as much as I enjoyed working on it. See you all very soon. Goodbye!

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