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DarK CodeZ

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    • msil.jabir AlcoPaul [EX RrLf]
    • msil.alc0paul.IsPogi AlcoPaul [EX RrLf]
    • Vitamin C AlcoPaul [EX RrLf]
    • failwh4le! Perforin [VXnetw0rk]
    • ppw0rm Perforin [VXnetw0rk]
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    • Computer Viruses In This Modern Age by alcopaul
  • Codes
    • MSIL.Perrun2k14 by alcopaul
    • MSIL.Technetium by alcopaul
    • Pure Overwriter by blm22
    • Linux64.Retaliation by JPanic
    • RaspberryPi.SuperVixen by JPanic
    • Win32.Blaireau.A by Xylitol
    • Win32.Xorist by Xylitol


Hello dear reader of this ezine welcome to DarK-CodeZ #6 One year ago, the last Valhalla ezine was released and shortly after that, two of the most skilled members of the VX scene left. My intention for this ezins was to release it in honour of hh86 and SPTH. I wanted to thank them for their long activity and keeping the scene alive. Another occasion for the release is the 5th birthday of hh86's first sumbission to VX Heaven[0].

I feared, the scene might die after losing the two most active members but I was proven different. I got some pretty interesting codes from both known and unknown authors. Some are known from older ezines, some for their security researches.

Sadly I had too much to do in real life so I wasn't able to finish my own codes and thats also the reason why the release of this ezine is delayed a few days.

Since some authors are pissed at me now, for delaying the release, I want to use the occasion to say sorry to all of you. I can fully understand your anger, but you also have to understand that sometimes there are more important things in life than publishing a VX ezine.

Actually I don't know what else to say here so I just hope you will enjoy reading the 6th issue of DarK-CodeZ

Have fun

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