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Group: IKX (International Knowledge eXchange)

Contents: A mix of tutorials, sources and virus codes these E-zines cover many subjects in the HPAV scene. Issue #2 contains several Commodore Amiga related virus articles and tutorials. Issue #3 was loaded with many viruses and tutorials, many of them related to 32-bit platform infections. After a long pause issue #4 was released. It again contains many articles, viruses and other virus related material.
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xine-1.zip183723[1]Nov 1996

Welcome to the first number of the Xine, the official iKx zine! After about a year from the birth of our group we are proud to present our long awaited (well, i awaited it for a long time) zine! Well, we will talk about us later, but now let's see what offers you this HPAVC zine...

  • XINE-1.000
(... More)MD5 sum 6ed5566d3940bc6106a353cb35dc11c0
xine-2.zip379041[2]Apr 1997

Welcome back to Xine! After about 6 months after the release of the first issue of the zine finally we are ready to bring you the sequel to our first production. And now let's look what this zine offers to you:

  • XINE-2.000 - WTF do you think you are currently reading??
  • XINE-2.001
(... More)MD5 sum 5e9b4de114e6471cbd7e34b99999cf08
xine-3.zip604489[3]May 1998
  • XINE-3.000 - Err, the secret area maybe?
  • XINE-3.001 - Some intro words
  • XINE-3.002 - Usual Disclaimer
  • XINE-3.003 - How to contact us?
  • XINE-3.004 - Greetings and such like
  • XINE-3.005 - The South American virus scene
  • XINE-3.006
(... More)MD5 sum 25c83860fbd02be1acf16d7f77f72d3f
xine-4.zip793062[4]Sep 1999

Welcome back to Xine, let's see what's in this issue:

  • XINE-4.000 - Some people call this file an 'index'
  • XINE-4.001 - News and stuff from us
  • XINE-4.002 - Disclaimer
  • XINE-4.003 - Getting in touch with us
  • XINE-4.004
(... More)MD5 sum da23416a40dc707533e880b8502fd18c
xine-5.zip1056585[5]Mar 2001
  • Here come the Index, well, let see what good surprise we reserve for you this time:

    • XINE-5.000 Group Whazzefuckareureadin?
    • XINE-5.001 Group Intro words
    • XINE-5.002 Group Disclaimer
    • XINE-5.003 Group Getting in touch
    • XINE-5.004 Group Greetings and such like
    • XINE-5.005 Billy Interview with benny/29A
    • XINE-5.006 Asmod crystall balls from asmodeus
    • XINE-5.007 Asmod Who create viruses?
    • XINE-5.008 Vecna Vecna's column - Ok
    • XINE-5.100 Billy Full stealth essay
    • XINE-5.101 Star0 Elements of X86 assembly
    • XINE-5.102 Life Heavy antidebugging
    • XINE-5.103 Billy Metamorphism essay part II
    • XINE-5.104 n0ph The darken philosophy
    • XINE-5.105 MrA. Viruses under linux
    • XINE-5.106 Star0 A short review of the PE format
    • XINE-5.107 n0ph ML infection type
    • XINE-5.108 Life Another way to stop WinICE/SoftIce
    • XINE-5.109 Star0 Opengl demo tutorial
    • XINE-5.110 Ultra Algorithms and unpacking
    • XINE-5.111 Billy Self emailing with stmp via sockets
    • XINE-5.112 Asmodeus Wrap infection
    • XINE-5.113 HornedB VXD infection tutorial
    • XINE-5.114 Star0 C to assembly and languages conversions
    • XINE-5.115 Life Little way to get ring 0
    • XINE-5.116 Asmodeus Buffer overflow uses
    • XINE-5.117 Ultras Palm Pilots PRC's format
    • XINE-5.118 Ultras Palm Pilots viruses
    • XINE-5.119 Ultras Palm Pilot web infos
    • XINE-5.200 Billy Virus - Rhapsody
    • XINE-5.201 Asm Virus - Moridin
    • XINE-5.202 Billy Virus - Ghost
    • XINE-5.203 Vital Virus - Mogul
    • XINE-5.204 Lifewire Virus - Moonchild
    • XINE-5.205 Billy Virus - Forever
    • XINE-5.206 Star0 Virus - Cecile
    • XINE-5.207 Vital Virus - Sanatral
    • XINE-5.208 HornedB Virus - Godgory
    • XINE-5.209 Henky Virus - Lord Mordred
    • XINE-5.210 HornedB Virus - OPERA XI
    • XINE-5.211 Henky Virus - Gema-tanzen
    • XINE-5.212 HornedB Virus - Abigor
    • XINE-5.213 HornedB Virus - Burzum
    • XINE-5.214 Asmodeus Worm - Arcane
    • XINE-5.215 Mandragore Worm - GSPOT
    • XINE-5.216 Dk & Bozo Disasm - RDA.Fighter.7868
    • XINE-5.300 Bozo Tool - ETMS 2.0
    • XINE-5.301 Spanska Tool - Opengl examples
    • XINE-5.302 Life Tool - Lifewire's anti api trace
    • XINE-5.303 Ultras Tool - funky lempel ziv in VB by ULTRA
    • XINE-5.304 HornedBeast Tool - Vxd Packer I
    • XINE-5.305 HornedBeast Tool - Vxd Packet II
  • Back!

  • We are back, after a long period. Many people may think we are dead, that's not new. Many people also think that Ikx is old school and old school members left the business. That's wrong again ! Here we are, trying to improve, trying to put some new ideas, even if majority of members are quite busy all the time. So, what's up ? Seems that ikx definitively turned vxers, untill we found new hacking phreaking members, but well, a clever coder stay a clever code, some of us may a day code network or put their genius brain working on some "dark" tech. So for the rest, I would like to thank members that believed and trusted the ikx, keeping group life, continuing investigation, keep working all that for not a penny. I would like also thank much every people that contributed in any forms, who broke their ass, who did something, who got ideas, wich contribute to bring to you the zine you are currently watching. So I hope it will please you, let you accroched during hours, helping your insomnias to be less boring!

  • We are happy to see that few zine are still released with good materials and some clever coders are still around. From matrix-2 to 29a-5, we are also happy to see that the scene is not dead. Well, the scene philosophy is not yet as in my utopist view, getting insulted in such channels is not difficult, and even if what you have done don't please to everybody, kewl will you say, but well, vxers are not there to make war not juging others works, viruses should be like sexuality, some pratice a few, other a lot, some try bizarre things, some prefer quality to quantity, everybody his ass, and the word peace and love seems hard to understand to many people. Virus writers are often affamed by fame, people and groups want to be the best on the scene, to have done the best viruses and to be respecte and admired by all, wich usually make some people doing easy work and showing it as l33t code. Well, I don't put jugement, and from the few year I'm in, I can say that's not new. But I think we should forget it, fame is may be the real motor of the scene, the little thing wich make things advancing, wich make technology advancing, wich give the movement, but fame is materially nothing, it's not coz you coded a 500 lines super virus you are better than other and no, it wont make your cock longer, sorry guys, I knew it was a sad news...

  • From our little kitchen, I would like to say a big welcome in this issue to three new members wich joined us lately, first of all, this jewish gay ass called asmodeus, wich finally joined the ikx by performing a rocket jump with ak-47 at counter strike. Author of a very few virus, he seems a clever guy, allways learning, and getting better skill, I think you will hear of him in the future. After I would like to say an hello to lifewire, a cool funky niggah wich have still hard to use his new computer he received for christmas. A coder as I like them, doing this in the rules of the art, wich joined by performing two salto feet attached and who fortunately and have fucking good designer skill. Also, and thirdly, I would like to say welcome to VitalX very good and clever coder with damnit good ideas, wich seems to have time to time dead modem and don't yet understood to what serve an operating system. His nice little rocking babies will rules, I'm sure! So, the ikx team growed a bit, remembering the few hard times of the past. -ikx 4 ever, inch allah !- (Also, if u are interrested to join, don't think we ask you to make extraordinary things as in this text, was just kidding =)

  • Also, I would like to make a special hello to s0ftproject guys, nice team and special bau to haph, wich kept the ikx channel less dead and put a bit of life there, helped us to make trouble along the scene :) long life to ya sadomasochist free-bsd develloper

  • We are sorry, couldn't attend the 2000 vx meeting, but well, will try to attend the next one, and also, remember hip 2001 odyssey, c ya there!

  • And remember first rule, we don't ask question about project mayhem Starzero, the little ikx's space monkey

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