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Instant Virus Production Kit

Group: Youths Against McAfee

Features: Youths Against McAfee, a group founded in the USA, has contributed the Instant Virus Producer, or IVP, to the competition for the best virus generator. IVP has not, however, attracted popularity to speak of.
IVP does not feature the amount of functions Virus Creation Lab and Phalcon/Skism Mass-Produced Code Generator do, it cannot, for example, create memory resident viruses. In the same vein, the encryption algorithms of IVP are really very simple in comparison with, let's say, Phalcon/Skism Mass-Produced Code Generator. To top it all, IVP frequently produces dysfunctional code.
More than 120 viruses produced with IVP are known to exist.
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ivp10.zip28672[IVP 1.0]Dec 1992(Back to index)MD5 sum 3307869db72d216e23f09b309ca55099
ivp17.zip39706[IVP 1.7]Jan 1993MD5 sum f889f5842ab88a8712f6dbe5dcec9cc3

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