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Phalcon/Skism Mass-Produced Code Generator

Group: Phalcon-Skism

Features: The American virus group competing with NuKE, Phalcon-Skism, quickly answered the challenge of Virus Creation Lab and published its own virus generator, the Phalcon/Skism Mass-Produced Code Generator or PS-MPC in issue 8 of 40Hex.
PS-MPC has been written by a member of P/S known as the Dark Angel. PS-MPC is considerably more functional than Virus Creation Lab, though not as showy. PS-MPC does not feature a user interface for it is used via an ASCII configuration file.
It is possible to make considerably advanced viruses with the PS-MPC. It is capable of creating memory-resident viruses which infect both COM- and EXE files. Furthermore, the viruses can be provided with a versatile encryption layer, which makes finding them a little more difficult. PS-MPC does not add activation routines to the viruses it creates as a default, but since it produces ready-made, well-documented assembler source code, those can be later added easily by even a novice programmer. On all accounts, PS-MPC is a more functional program than Virus Creation Lab.
Hundreds of viruses created with PS-MPC are known and after Aristotle (former NuKE) released his Metric Buttload of Code Generator which produced hundreds of slightly mutated PS-MPC viruses, the VX-scene was swamped with "variants of PS-MPC".
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psmpc090a.zip23463[PS-MPC 0.90a]Jul 1992MD5 sum e40f285f9218dcd40e5b52b83e3c0482
psmpc091a.zip45839[PS-MPC 0.91a]Aug 1992(Back to index)MD5 sum c14cc3063abb2ccbd8639f24c95a9837

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