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Gloeobacter violaceus

Author: Second Part To Hell

Author's notes:

I proudly present my very first real Win32 Project. Before anything else I have to say that this is neighter a real virus nor a real engine. It is a program emulating the nature's mutations.

I would descripe it as a primitive artificial life form.

How does it work?

  1. When executed, it get's the own filename and the parent's filename
  2. It sleeps for 1500 + (0..4095) milliseconds
  3. It copies itself to a random filename in the current directory
  4. 1/4 it mutates:
    • Point Mutation: ~68.75%
    • Chromosome Mutation:
      • Chromosome Inversation
      • Chromosome Translocation
      • Chromosome Delection
      • Chromosome Dublication
      • Chromosome Inseration
  5. It executes the new file
  6. With a chance of ~50% it jmps to 2
  7. It deletes the partent's file
  8. It exits it's own process


gv.zip7628GVMay 2005MD5 sum c40cc2bf3741c7cbcd5beb718013969f

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