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Pascal Extra Polymorphics Engine

Author: Deviator


Polymorphic engine that was programmed using Pascal. Version 1.0 was released with a demo virus in DVL #8 and viruses still used an ASM loader while version 1.1 released with DVL #9 is 100% Pascal. It apparently uses techniques used in the TPPE engines.

Author's note:

"Source for encryption must be an Exe file. PePe rebuilds Exe header, places encrypted body of source .exe after new header and appends decryptor to it. When decryptor finished it's work, it returns work to host (uncrypted body). But if there was some relocations, PePe decryptor set's it up before finishing it work... Thats all. "

(Full info)

pepe10.zip94857PEPE 1.0Jul 1999MD5 sum 4e5e1980a4b90f33ca5e9c94d83f9988
pepe11.zip115643PEPE 1.1Dec 1999MD5 sum 30263f547848317f25c867e7244966ad

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