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Author: roy g biv

Published in 29A#7 magazine

Author's notes

This is the smallest x86 parser that I could make. It supports full Pentium 4 instruction set (standard, FPU, MMX, SSE, SSE2). It supports undocumented encodings like 82 00-FFh and F6/F7 xx001xxxxb). It checks for instructions that are too long to execute (more than 15 bytes). It is only 339 bytes long (198 bytes code, 141 bytes data).

Call with esi -> pointer to instruction to query. Returns eax -> length of that instruction. All other registers preserved. Carry is set in case of error (invalid instruction, too long, etc). eax is unpredictable value in that case.


rgblde.zip2911RGBLDEJan 2003MD5 sum 977b4cef96d45724dcc82d2ef9b38d14

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