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Simulated Metamorphic Encryption Generator

Author: Black Baron

SMEG is a polymorph engine that can be linked into a source code, it was designed for computer viruses but could be used for other things, to encrypt and provide a unique decryptor. SMEG v0.3 is the first version to be made available to "the public", there have been two versions prior to this, v0.1 used in the PATHOGEN virus and v0.2 used in the QUEEG virus. SMEG v0.3, however, contains more advanced "junk program generator" technology than versions 0.1 and 0.2.

SMEG v0.3 is 2016 bytes big.

Versions 0.40 and 0.42 are hacks made by Zhengxi.

(Full info)

smeg40.zip17300SMEG 0.40Jul 1995MD5 sum 8a9e50c656efdee69fea56bb8d4f963a
smeg42.zip12038SMEG 0.42Jul 1995MD5 sum 5694dca71b69eb81d1b1b9ca4559fe51
smeg02.zip39381[SMEG 0.2]Sep 1993MD5 sum 10f96b72837da2c03b13edc39ad4a382
smeg.zip25656[SMEG 0.3]Jun 1994MD5 sum a9f9118ea2b9f26dac0a0a53b6a60511

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