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China Town Macro Word Virus Construction Kit

Author: Duke

Author's notes: This is very simple MWVCK, which generate source code of macro viruses for Word 6.0 and 7.0. Adapted version v0.1a and v0.1b work under Word97 too (thanx to Slage Hammer for this idea). For make new virus open file in Word, answer the questions and click "Ok" button. In this version of China Town available options : Features: Another creation tool specifically aimed at making MS Word for Windows .DOC and .DOT macro viruses. Released as a .DOT file it basically is a macro to create macro viruses. Several payloads and triggers conditions are user selectable. Versions 0.1a and 0.1b claim some Word 97 compatibility even though the kit is Word 6.0 based. Created by the author of DPOG, DPVG, SBVM and DVL. A hacked version of this kit is known as DPVCK.
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ctvck01.zip20906CTMWVCK 0.1Apr 1999MD5 sum 8271a1ac9d2499e5ac76ab25e1451f8a
ctvck01b.zip24071CTMWVCK 0.1bMay 1999MD5 sum 828afe93077b595e96f8d967d8ef6609

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