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El-Trucha's Virus Maker

Author: El-Trucha

Author's notes

El-Trucha's Virus Maker is a very little virus maker. It can delete important system files and format the hard drive after the machine reboots, it does it by deleting boot.ini and autoexec.bat and putting the new autoexec.bat with the format command on root of drive C: The system files deleted are Autoexec.bat,, Boot.ini, NTLDR,, and Win.ini, and u can also put welcome and ending messages on your viruses. And it also includes the compiler BAT2EXEC, that compiles your viruses so no one can read the code. ;) I will make more versions, both Graphical and Command Line, fixing these known bugs/problems: -If you want to format the hard drive after rebooting, you must include the Autoexec.bat with your virus. :( -The Command Line version only works under Windows 2000/XP. :(

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egvm09en.zip60691EGVM 0.9(EN)Jun 2004MD5 sum 6fd1a474c56272de47bdf1c8b49eb58a
egvm09es.zip60763EGVM 0.9(ES)Jun 2004MD5 sum c8927ba070817294faa5a5c6127feed1
etvm16en.zip37241ETVM 1.6(EN)Jun 2004MD5 sum f6993062c3ef99903477ee5e1c4c2927
etvm16es.zip37292ETVM 1.6(ES)Jun 2004MD5 sum b355f9545a6b7c2c28c55f4944cba081
etvm2005b2.zip40225ETVM2005Apr 2005MD5 sum 50e6889723dc2958ff09aec7952ad8d9

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