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Indonesian Virus Source Creator

Author: Henry Yonathan

Known versions:

    IVSC 0.0.1b - 1998
    IVSC 0.1.1b - February 1998
    IVSC 0.1.1 - March 1998


A generic virus creator with minimal features.

From the author:

"Welcome to Indonesian Virus Source Creator (IVSC) version 0.1.1beta. We (RHA PC Club) had created IVSC version 0.0.1beta for private release. IVSC is a simple generator that create a virus. It has a simple interface, similar to Biologycal Warfare (BW). We created this generator is to make a contribution in Virii's World, specialy in Virus Creation Kit. The other reasons are for the future virii's writer, learning virii programming and learn to make an AV program. The virii's source code produced by IVSC commented in Indonesian (that's what IVSC for). The virus is not programmed to restore the infected file's date and time. Viruses produced by IVSC just a virus template, so you can make it better and better. If your IVSC is orginal, you can find a virus exampled named BITLEZZ.ASM, a virus created by IVSC modified and developed by Ding Lik."


ivsc011.zip13559IVSC 0.11Mar 1998MD5 sum 151f42ee78fd9747c38bd208561e16a2

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