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Lord Of Navan's Invasion Generator

Author: Lord Of Navan


This generator was released in issue #3 of SLAM magazine. It creates source codes of Pascal viruses and was released with several demo viruses.

From the author:

LoNIG is a VCK that generates Pascal Companion viruses, which are 100% not found by any AV prog at the moment. Anyway, it was coded in Pascal of coz, and I avoided any ASM routines since my project was to write a proggy that generates REAL PAS-viriis and not only parts consisting of Pascal.

You can choose from the payloads:

(Full info)

lonig.zip12205LONIG 1.0Jun 1997MD5 sum e1b73503ea610ef9e608dd86a0f0e247
lonig_src.zip6626LoNIG src+FAQJun 1997MD5 sum 0266e615521b94758387e0a6a1909099

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