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Mass O Shit Code Generator

Author: Digital Anarchist


The source code to this virus generator and a modified web version was released with Codebreakers Zine #4.

From the author:

It's based on an idea that Unknown/LT and Gothmog/DHA started but never completed. For every section of code there is more than one way to part the cat from it's coat. Or there is more than one way to get the results you desire. This takes some of the more basic section of code and explores a few of the options. v.2c has 5 sections of code with 6 possiblities/section s easy math tells you that this will produce 15,625 variations.

(Full info)

mos2c_src.zip5457MOS 2c (src)Jul 1997MD5 sum 675e242ea118da4b26a029b8a479609d
mos7c_src.zip7580MOS 7c (src)Jul 1998MD5 sum 7569bdb11df895391db23cfd7bd80611
mos7d_src.zip8433MOS 7d (src)Jul 1998MD5 sum a8be967f83802934440b1375ce057803
mos_cgi.zip442MOS CGIJul 1998MD5 sum 95f9888e407192181d367f117c136edf

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