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Microsoft Visual Basic Script Worm Editor

Author: Psychologic

Author's notes

MVBSWE is not virus/worm creation kit/Generator, But it just like editor. So If you using MVBSWE , I hope you have some knowlegde at least about scripts cos I won't write so many help info here, MVBSWE is a tool for you that may intereset in Script Virus Programing,it so many usefull feauture that maybe help you to design your own scripts, Like Converter/Compiler,File dropper, functions and many other script tools.

(Full info)

mvbswe-1.zip1320311MVBSWE 1.0Jul 2004MD5 sum d8fea6cc948fc3f1310f67a4fb148f29
mvbswe-2.zip1325683MVBSWE 2.0Jul 2004MD5 sum 7e244a30deecc56f5e20b1e123583677
mvbswe-3.zip1325290MVBSWE 3.0Jul 2004MD5 sum 78ea979becde2eac19f4eea2bb8119f8
mvbswe-4.zip1343513MVBSWE 4.0Aug 2004MD5 sum 09455e0e30f03fc13e3200efc0d4a6f9
mvbswe-5.zip1281100MVBSWE 5.0Aug 2004MD5 sum 515166f84a193f88faa52fc2bb09a585
mvbswe-6.zip1279091MVBSWE 6.0Aug 2004MD5 sum ae278ef35b157a9f3607e7c02fc331aa
mvbswe-7.zip1298342MVBSWE 7.0Aug 2004MD5 sum 65af6ac436081840ec3abb4e23bcce4d
mvbswe-8.zip1302754MVBSWE 8.0Sep 2004MD5 sum 57747ec9b5a0118f7b067bb8f9226384
mvbswe-9.zip1307170MVBSWE 9.0Apr 2005MD5 sum fc6f468da7d65975cc025746aabb5d11

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