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Nightmare Joker Word Macro Virus Construction Kit

Author: Nightmare Joker


This is a macro word utility for creating Macro.Word (Word 6 /95) viruses. It contains the macros: DAT1,DAT2, DAT3, DAT4, DAT5, DAT6, DAT7, DAT8, DAT9, DAT10, DAT11, DAT12, DAT13, DAT14, DAT15, DAT16, DAT17, DAT18, AutoExec, AutoOpen.

Like many Word 6/95 (WordBasic) viruses that were converted to Word 97 (VBA) the Word 97 version of this kit is a conversion of the initial German version and uses the "WordBasic" instruction in the VBA environment.

This constructor can create macro viruses containing the following ten virus droppers:

        1 = Casino Virus - Casino.2330
        2 = Media Markt Virus - VCL.Markt.1533
        3 = MTE.Shocker - MtE.Shocker
        4 = Sirius.Alive - Sirius.Alive.4608
        5 = SMEG.Queeg - Smeg
        6 = Tequila - Tequila
        7 = Virogen - VICE.05.Code.3952
        8 = Uniform [Boot Virus] - Uniform
        9 = Bizatch/Vlad - Win95.Boza.c.(intended)
        10 = Tremor - Tremor

The generator generates essentially one and the same virus. The user is allowed only to change the message that gets appended to the printed documents and to select which one of the 10 possible DOS viruses is to be dropped by the macro virus. It generates infected Word documents.

The initial generator works only on the German version of Word (and generates German language specific WordMacro viruses) A later English version was released. In December 1996 the same author released the Demolition Kit, the macro virus generator follow-on.


nj-wmvck.zip74305NJ-WMVCK 1.1Aug 1996MD5 sum 0a9909882930c1a1d109258e45273f5f

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