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The Trojan Generator

Group: NuKE

Author's doc

Yeah, well just run TROG-V15.EXE and that's it! If you have a VGA you might wanna use the high resolution graphics.. Well anywayz it's not that compllicated but if you know your way around computers you'll find it childsplay. Just DEBUG the .COM file you want to EDIT and find the right address where you want to insert the trojan.. If your REALLY dumb you'll insert it at the beginning cause if anyone just debug's the program and type's 'U' they'll see the trojan... So.. what you do is you press 'G'o a few times but make sure the program or whatever doesn't start and write down one of the addresses which show up.. It'll be pretty hard to find the trojan if you follow what I said. Hmm... Well if you want to do EXE files, I don't GUARENTY <=- Love the spelling no?!?!.. as I was saying I don't GUARENTY it will work but I can give you the way I would do it.. Edit the EXE file you want to insert a trojan into.. [By pressing 'G' a few times].. then when you find the address to want to use [Let's say it was 4F99:0123.] do the following:

-U 4F99:0123

then'll you'll see that address and a few which are after it but don't pay any attention to them.. at the address 4F99:0123 you might c something like this

4F99:0123 C383   MOV    AL,00 
4F99:0125 D491   CMP    WORD,PTR
4F99:0134 09C3   MOV    WORD,PTR

and it goes on... write down this

4F99:0123 -> C383 <-  MOV    AL,00

all the shit between the "->" and the "<-" then you'd 'Q'uit debug and rename the file to let's say TEST. [No Extention]. Then debug TEST. and 'S'earch for those bytes "C3 83".. Then when debug finds them it will give you an address, WRITE IT DOWN. then run my program and when it asks you for the file name enter TEST. and for the bytes enter the address debug gave you...That's it! Then quit my program, rename the file to it's original name.. and poof! It SHOULD work.


trog.zip33743TROG 1.05Oct 1991MD5 sum 1de5f7fdb958e61ed21cca4777d48a31

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