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VBS Worm Generator

Author: [K]Alamar

Author's Notes:
You need the microsoft Vb5 runtimes to run this program, and the Windows Scripting Host 5.0 too.
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vbswc001.zip16254[VBSWC 0.01]Jun 2000MD5 sum 6f6deca671727244aadaee780b1c5cec
vbswc080.zip35979[VBSWC 0.8]Jul 2000MD5 sum b691275358639ee9d90eb5e6c2bc4f30
vbswg091.zip44690[VBSWG 0.91]Jul 2000MD5 sum 719006e66336da90d44c8cdf889b4e31
vbswg095.zip53183[VBSWG 0.95]Jul 2000MD5 sum c4c0fae031decde39460be28d68215b1
vbswg090.zip41449[VBSWG 0.9]Jul 2000MD5 sum 7b3e70acabe8f9cb130e3756a851ecf4
vbswg100.zip57542[VBSWG 1.00]Jul 2000MD5 sum 54b72b537692f50688e4940ed06df416
vbswg110.zip71231[VBSWG 1.1]Jul 2000MD5 sum 8136df797646ce54c82359a890cbcc38
vbswg150b.zip103235[VBSWG 1.50b]Aug 2000MD5 sum 22b4261ec2595b87d1bd4c6a385d6325
vbswg150.zip147748[VBSWG 1.50]Jul 2000MD5 sum 7d48b17cc9bad2c89255404679fa95fb
vbswg200bf.zip120118[VBSWG 2.00b (fix)]Mar 2001MD5 sum c231a81ac65ceeb5b1e1ca542f78d94d
vbswg200b.zip119836[VBSWG 2.00b]Mar 2001MD5 sum 27cc48306f884790fa9e4b7d96940327

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