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Virus Creation 2000

Author: Havoc The Chaos

Author's note: "The Virus Creation 2000 System (VC2000), is a virus creator designed for complex code generation, great configurability, and ease of use. There is only one file that you need, VC2000.EXE (which is presently under 22k). After asking you a series of questions, it will then create a MASM/TASM compatible assembly source code of your virus, along with a "MAKEVIR.BAT" which helps speed things along a bit. Another great option, is the virus detector, which you can custom configure. This will trap an interrupt, and when the virus calls the interrupt with DX equaling what you set it for, it will warn you and give you an option to halt the program." Version 0.97 comes with one virus and a VC2000 detector. The produced code does not contain any activation routines.

vc2000.zip26752VC2000 0.96Dec 1993MD5 sum 38cef9670b5aea1a1abb90ff8838f4fc

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