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Virus Construction Set

Author: VDV


Virus Construction Set, or VCS, published in 1990, was the first program whose sole purpose was the creation of viruses. VCS is of German make, and its authors have announced themselves as Verband Deutscher Virenliebhaber, which translates as "The German Association of Virus Lovers".

As a program, the VCS is quite simple: the user is asked to give the name of the text file the will be linked into the virus and the number of generations after which the virus should activate. After this, the program creates a file called VIRUS.COM on the disk.

A created virus has a basic construction that is always the same and easily recognizable. The virus infects other COM files and activates after the predefined number of infections. Then it overwrites the files C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT and C:\CONFIG.SYS and prints the text that was linked to it when it was made.

The viruses created by VCS contain one slightly advanced feature: they check whether an anti-virus program called FluShot Plus is active in memory and will not spread if that is the case.

Both an English and a German version of the Virus Construction Set have been made.

Around 15 variants of viruses made with VCS are known.


vcs10.zip33972VCS 1.0Jan 1991MD5 sum bb9f122f68c9f4f2266baa4f03afe693

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