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Worm IRC Script Kit

Author: Knowdeth


This is a "Simple" menu driven visual application for creating mIRC Worms. This program generates replicating mIRC Worm like programs from user-specified parameters. Basicly "EG. Fill in the Blank and press Make Worm" :-) Hopefully some one will get a copy of this and pick up a interest in programing HLL. New versions of mIRC do not support this type of worm at all only version 5.3x and before which use the same download dir as the mIRC program is located."

It was released with Metaphase Zine #2. By the creator of PMG, TSWSVK, SABV and WVSG .

From the author's notes:

This program generates replicating mirc worm like programs programs from user-specified parameters. Req's Windows 9.x or/and VB40032.DLL


wisk-1-1k.zip31494WISK1.1kJul 1999MD5 sum c059b4f8e772b93ebf8245e9985cfabe

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