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Author: Rajaat

Author's notes:

I came to the idea of writing a meta authoring package when I read a passage of Vesselin Bontchevs excellent piece called 'Future Trends in Virus Writing". I wish to cite here:

Without doubt, we shall see a significant improvement in the virus authoring packages of the future. They will be able to create viruses more easily, to create more different viruses, and more sophisticated viruses. Just like the MtE and the TPE provide ready-to-link libraries of polymorphic routines, we shall see kits with libraries of stealth routines, tunnelling routines, infection strategy routines, damage routines, and so on. (In fact, a package providing a tunnelling engine - KRTT - is already available.) All this - coupled with programs with nice user interfaces, which will make the creation of thousands of viruses with the selected capabilities easy. Thousands of different viruses!

Maybe in the near future we shall witness even the appearance of virus meta- authoring packages - programs able to create virus authoring packages. This is a rather difficult thing to do and the final outcome for the virus writers is quite doubtful, but nevertheless we must consider such a possibility.



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