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*-zine (Asterix)

Author: MGL & Flush

Contents: A virus oriented zine that contains several viruses and source codes, several interviews with well known VX figures as well as many articles. According to the editorial the zine is meant as a H/P/A/V oriented zine but the first issue is VX only oriented. The graphic user interface and layout are very well done and user friendly. This zine sets a standard on how things can be done with a some dedicated effort and know how. Issue #2 covered all virus related topics (interviews, tutorials, essays and virus code), was written using HTML and, just like issue #1, looked very professional.
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asterix1h.zip587551[1html]Apr 1997HTML version of the first issue MD5 sum 93133be4c794fd64fb7eee1968148c16
asterix1.zip996602[1]Apr 1997(... More)MD5 sum 601880bf009c9955ec74fd77970385e4
asterix2.zip1788308[2]Dec 1999
  • Intro
  • Articles
    • Code optimization once more plus some ideas for use in viruses / MGL/SVL
    • How to solve ENUNS problem in COM infectors / MGL/SVL
    • A fool named FAT32 / flush
    • Why NOT to use direct
(... More)MD5 sum 5ee21f9252b89fa3c9763715df1969e7

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