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2 Much Thinking

Small anti-NuKE newsletter.
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2mt-0.zip8442issue #0Jul 1993

2MT is just a collection of thoughts about things that are on peoples minds today. Some may be funny some may be offensive. Anyhow most of our points will be supported by facts. A new issue will be released everytime a new topic comes up.

If you would like to respond please just creat a text

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2mt-1.zip5869issue #1Jul 1993

As of today I'm starting a new group. Just got to think of a name. How about GRIND. Wait we need the small i. That will look cool. Ya GRiND. Fits perfectly.

Now that we found a cool name we've got to take each letter and put words in so we can be like every other /

GRiND - Great Rebellions In Need of Dicks.

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2mt-2.zip3592issue #2Jul 1993

Lame... that is such a harsh word. Whoever thought that up must have been a real looser. Anyways that word has been used quite a bit in the BBS world to day.

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