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ARCV Newsletter

Group: ARCV (Association of Really Cruel Viruses)

Contents: Electronic magazine released by ARCV (The Association of Really Cruel Viruses) with editorial from Apache Warrior. Group has later some problems with police (not related with viruses but phreaking).

arcv_1.rar19258[1]Aug 1992

Welcome to the first ARCV Newsletter.

We hope you are all having a Spiffing Time out there.

First lets introduce the 'Team'.

  • The Keyboard Basher - Apache Warrior.
  • The Other One - ICE-9.

Well you may or may not know that we here are one the only Truly English Computer Underground Organisation (And just to piss off the Americans Out there we will spell everything with an 's' not a 'z'). In this and future newsletters we will be dodging Special Branch and New Scotland Yard as we go, as well as putting in the odd virus ASM file, Debug Dump for you all to have fun with. We will also provide information on what's happening (DUDE) out there in Computer Land.

  • 000. Contents.
  • 001. Virus Spotlight, Little Brother.
  • 002. ARCV Application Forms.
  • 003. What is The ARCV, and Who are its Members.
  • 004. Ontario Virus.
  • 005. Sunday Virus.
  • 006. Closing.
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