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Brigada Ocho

Group: Brigada Ocho

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b8ezine1.zip1393948[1]Sep 2002
  • articles
    • a letter from the editor
    • the faces behind the revived brigada ocho
    • interview with jackie
    • interview with second part to hell/bcvg
    • interview with ergrone/gedzac
    • vbs/html
(... More)MD5 sum 196d8d36451778d1f20d9adbf43016fb
b8_2.zip374638[2]Feb 2003articles
  • art000.txt editorial & b8 greetz
  • art001.txt super vbs encryption
  • art003.txt brigada ocho's "let's code" series intro
  • art004.txt let's code #1 : let's code a c# prepending virus
  • art005.txt let's code #2 : let's code a prepending
(... More)MD5 sum a81624136520876f47eec5e13a0bc5b3
b8_3.zip5138488[3]Jun 2011the tales of the oracle (/articles)
  • editorial
  • thoughts of a sentient computer program, year 2666
  • why vx in .net?
  • visual basic .net source code infection
  • .net source code cross-infection
  • one good thing about twitter
  • modern
(... More)MD5 sum dc9e9f27b7f2b61863790a36d9f66f09

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