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Author: Tiberio Degano

It was the attempt to start a new virus group, but all the members except Tiberio Degano stay inactive and finally the zine was released by the single author. It contains two viruses and the two articles about EPO and AV methods and the ways the vrius authors could use to counter it.

decepticons.zip4865082#1Dec 2009


Hi Guys. My name is Tiberio Degano and I'm a new virus writer. I glad to announce the release of this zine and becoming a part of vx Scene. This zine should have another four members but problems happened and become only me.

I decide to complete this zine as misanthrope wished before he died and I name it decepticons as he named it before he died. Finally I kept my promises and release this zine. This zine will be the last for me I hope to see someone continue this project and Decepticons becomes a famous name and the name of achievements like 29A.

In this time the scene become down and down. Only one zine still struggles for the scene and every group appear … die from the first zine.

In this zine I try to write everything I know and all ideas I have to help you and inspire you with my ideas and my brain. You will see in this zine my second virus win32.Skipo the ve months effort for making something complex and something can bypass the antivirus defenses.

You will see some English problems I hope you don't bother from that. I wish at the end of this shit editorial tell you the real members of this zine. Who live and die helping. Not only me in this zine but we work as a group for this day and for this release

The members:

  1. Misanthrope : die because of H1N1 : best wishes for you in the next life (His brother emails me from Misanthrope email and says that).
  2. Victoria: her virus had been stolen : I hope you read this zine and best wishes (I don't need to say the story because it's related to her so sorry for this incomplete story).
  3. CW/1-100: she said that she killed a girl (maybe arrested) if this story is wrong please tell me‼
  4. Jacky Qwerty: 3 months inactive. I hope you pass the international economic problem. I'm not sure that this person is the same of 29A but that's his alias
  5. Tiberio Degano: that's me  [email protected]

And at the end I need to Thank Izee. He really helped me.

Now I hope you don't waste your time and go ahead to read the articles soon Hey let's go…

Tiberio Degano

MD5 sum d2274ca08864dd9c27856f0a44212fc1

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