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Contents: Articles, sources and live viruses for Amiga.

emidemic_1.zip90804[1]Apr 2001
  • Introduction
  • Articles:
    • MaD roGEr "Introduction to polymorphism 1"
    • MaD roGEr "Advanced polymorphism"
    • MaD roGEr "Ways to infect system"
    • Beol (from Xine#2) "How to stay resident in memory"
    • Beol (from Xine#2) "How to infect Amiga executables"
    • MaD roGEr "Retro-techniques"
    • Pandamen "Mass infectors"
    • Aginor "Packet viruses"
  • Old virii sources:
    • MaD roGEr "Elbereth 3"
    • Pandamen "Motaba-3"
    • Pandamen "Bobek1"
    • Beol "Beol ]|[ v2"
    • Aginor "Smeg1"
  • New virii sources:
    • Aginor "Smeg2"
    • MaD roGEr "Harrier .A"
  • Poly engine sources:
    • MaD roGEr "PE 1.0" ;used in Harrier .A
    • MaD roGEr "PE 1.1" ;used in Bobek2
  • Live virii:
    • *UNKNOWN* "Saddam"
    • MaD roGEr "Elbereth 3"
    • Pandamen "Motaba-3"
    • MaD roGEr "Neurotic Death 5"

Viruses'R'US proudly presents new Amiga VX zine: Epidemic #1

VRU entered to the VX scene since 2000, I (MaD roGEr) joined to the group in may 2001. In july 2001 author of all Hitch-Hiker viruses, Smeg and ZIB joined to us. We decided together to write and release new VX zine.

MD5 sum 1102f6ab676b842d72d259977e1b3530

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