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Infected E-Burg

Group: Power Heap Research

An attempt to start a magazine by russian wannabe virmaker. The zine mocking the name and style of Infected Voice magazine, but the content is so poor that it raises the doubts in the mental health of the author. It's included in this section for the sake of history and just for lulz.

(Full info)

ie01.zip23328#12001MD5 sum 73d90c213d841df0e670434312051e1d
ie10.zip23327#102002MD5 sum 0b84a4d4c8a8ac5148a715a394ca3420
ie02.zip20168#22001MD5 sum 9a66debb39af79f1a26d19b1332e27c0
ie03.zip20328#32001MD5 sum 73ff17d32d34ee76e80000344610380f
ie04.zip20305#42001MD5 sum 9fc9c83d7bca122fa4b8e3d358d667e8
ie05.zip14186#52001MD5 sum a6d3fa6c19fa78e443ba1b79d46ea213
ie06.zip32082#62002MD5 sum 53a964a1a93ff7b3ef94d9b019b36525
ie07.zip33445#72002MD5 sum 2bcd88a22db032090023381e51867f63
ie08.zip31325#82002MD5 sum 334135bba1ea9049740b8ff0627ce453
ie09.zip25392#92002MD5 sum 63cf6a12ed1eb4f165494ba1014542c6

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