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The Natural Selection

Group: FS (Feathered Serpents)


ns-001.zip441302[1]Oct 2002
  • NS#1-0_0 Index
  • NS#1-0_1 Feathered Scene History
  • NS#1-0_2 All Important Greetings
  • NS#1-0_3 Disclaimer
  • Philosophy
    • NS#1-1_0 Interview : Thomas Ray
    • NS#1-1_1 Interview : Mark Ludwig
    • NS#1-1_2 Interview : Sarah Gordon
    • NS#1-1_3 Great Debate : Metamorphism
    • NS#1-1_4 Great Debate : Infection Theory
  • Technology
    • NS#1-2_0 Introducing Crunchers
    • NS#1-2_1 Covering Your Tracks
    • NS#1-2_2 Win32 Hints and Tips
    • NS#1-2_3 How AVs Detect Viruses
    • NS#1-2_4 Random Number Generation
    • NS#1-2_5 Analysis of Common RNGs
    • NS#1-2_6 Correct Exception Handling
    • NS#1-2_7 Using Advanced MASM Features
  • Source Code
  • NS#1-3_0 Win32.Omoikane
  • NS#1-3_1 Win32.Isis
  • NS#1-3_2 Win32.Imports
  • NS#1-3_3 Win32.Seiryo
  • NS#1-3_4 Linux.Spork.V2
  • NS#1-3.5 Viewer
  • NS#1-4_0 Metaphase VX Team - MKS.Rod.a
  • NS#1-4_1 Metaphase VX Team - XM.Retro.a
  • NS#1-4_2 Metaphase VX Team - XM.Laroux.a Disassembly
  • NS#1-4_3 NoMercy VirusTeam - KaZaA.Betta.a
  • Feathered Scene History

  • Isis

  • In 1997 the virus scene was very complicated. Everyone was trying to make the change from DOS to Win32 and not everybody made it. Groups like Immortal Riot and Genesis and Living Turmoil fell to the gutters, while new groups like IKX, DDT, and MetaPhase VX Team took up the reins.

  • Which would have been fine. Except that somewhere along the line, the love of the work was lost. Win32 viruses of the time were extremely poor quality, and all of the experience and secrets gained from writing DOS viruses for half the decade were lost.

  • Feathered Serpents started with a single goal in mind. To bring the older DOS coders together to make the journey into the Win32 world together, bringing in our shared wisdom to return to the glory days of the virus scene.

  • As our ranks grew with veteran coders, we had a bigger vision of joining small virus groups together into a private network where we could share ideas before waiting a year or more between magazine releases. We called it the Feathered Serpent Alliance (FSA), and we had DDT and Metaphase VX Team as members.

  • It worked. We shared lots of articles way before they were seen anywhere else and did beta-testing of each others magazines. Things were getting better.

  • Apophis

  • In 1999 we tried to finish the magazine, with the support and submissions from dozens of virus writers around the world.

  • Then it hit. DDT died young, FS aquired some of its members, and then we were hit with the same disease. Most of our members just returned to whatever hell they had come from, taking our confidence with them. We were halfway through some very important virus technologies one moment, and dead in the water next.

  • There was a decision to make about keeping all of our viruses and articles and hoping that one day we could finish our own magazine, or to filter them out to all of the other virus magazines in one last brilliant flash. We chose to sit back and wait, praying every day that nobody else published similar things :)

  • In 2000 we tried to repeat the experiment and release our magazine again, but the world had changed. People were more interested in seeing their name on a list of contributions in 29A, and rumours were being spread that the Feathered Serpents were dead.

  • The waters weren't ready, we went back to sleep for another 2 years, and tried again. It is 2002, and we have made it.

  • Osiris

  • Writing a virus magazine is never easy, especially with 4 years of accumulated articles, notes, and viruses all scrambled into little text files without much indication as to what version it is. We scrapped most of our work and started with a fresh slate.

  • We wanted a real magazine with editorial control over the look of articles, so as to establish a constant theme.

  • We wanted a small, fast, and free viewer that looks good and doesn't include a 5 Megabyte MP3. We wrote our own, and hopefully you're using it right now.

  • We wanted to set a new standard for interviews that ask important questions we want to know the answers to, instead of vague references to wether viruses are good or bad. Our inspiration was the work of Immortal Riot.

  • But most importantly we wanted anonymity. Poorly planned virus spread has put virus writers under the political spotlight, and in a world beseiged with acts of terrorism and laws written by knee-jerk reactions, nobody is safe.

  • There is no authorship attributed to any articles or viruses in our magazine. Everything is done in the name of the Feathered Serpents. That is who we are. Metaphase VX Team took the leap and supported our cause. Look at the index :)

  • Our goal is neither to create, nor to destroy, but to evolve what we have and see where it leads us. We do not condone public spreading, and to endorse our resolve we have not included infected binaries in this magazine.

  • The New Aeon

  • A huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders, with 4 years of work finally seeing the light of day. And yet, as the sun rises over the landscape, we can see that further ahead lies yet a longer path for us to walk.

  • We used to have a mission statement that we wanted to change the world. As it turns out, the dumbest virus can change the world, but only the smartest virus can shape the world.

  • Fundamental computer virus design has not changed much in the past decade. We are essentially emulating single-celled life forms, asleep in their realty and struggling for the dream of survival.

  • This will change in Natural Selection Issue #2. We are moving to an advanced (and open) multi-celled design capable of cross-breeding with reuseable code. And maybe, if we're lucky, the virus scene will join with us for that journey.

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