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Group: Dark Conspiracy

Contents: E-zines consisting mostly of virus source codes and debug scripts of viruses released by this new virus writing group. The magazine uses a with ANSI-art decorated user interface and looks well made. The second issue contained the first Macro Virus Development Kit.
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plasma-1txt.zip37974#1 (txt)Apr 1996Text version of the first issue MD5 sum 64779ed16571e1ab96514ab41fbd7c98
plasma-2txt.zip66883#2 (txt)Sep 1996Text version of the second issue MD5 sum eab6aac2f4e1e12efffad7aec05d3508
plasma-1.zip125678[1]Apr 1996(... More)MD5 sum a7f5558bf4a3a70b48029b422a74ddbd
plasma-2.zip234764[2]Sep 1996
  • Introduction
  • Viral Code
    • Cyberbug 2.0 - Source [ASM]
    • Undying Lover
(... More)MD5 sum 04a14b2b802b19f79f71c0707b45f508

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